How do you know?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> How do you know?

How do you know?
Post # 1
I saw a thread about elements and now I'm curious. I've heard of Fire, Water, Air and Earth but are there others?

Also how do you know what your element is? How can you find out?

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Re: How do you know?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I consider there to be 5 elements as these are the elements that make up humans if only symbolically, these elements being earth, air, water, fire, and spirit. Some believe in spirit being a 5th element relating it to psychic abilities and others don't. There are also those who believe in other elements some of which are mentioned in other cultures including lightning, metal, shadows, light, darkness, etc... All these things exist so they are in essence elements that make up this world. Some people discover their element through meditation, through simply being drawn to a specific element, through their astrological sign, etc... An example is in my case I discovered my element(s) through: I've always loved windy days especially in spring and early fall even though other family members hate windy days, my astrological sign is an air sign, air is related to mental personal aspects like being a dreamer, artistic, etc... which I am, someond once told me I had a second element in earth, when I was young I had a talent for transplanting/rooting hard to transplant/root plants, it was recently posted on SoM that some believe there are now 13 zodiac signs which would ironically change my sign to a earth sign if this is taken at face value, the earth is related to personality aspects such as being realistic and well grounded which I am, etc... In the end we are made up of all the elements and in magick it is best to work with all of the elements if only the main 4, so it is more for personal exploration to discover the elements you may be drawn to.
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Re: How do you know?
Post # 3
That's interesting. My sign barely describes my personality which I find pretty funny. I think my element might be water but I'm not sure if that's me hoping or if it is really. Thank you for replying :D
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Re: How do you know?
Post # 4
A person has more than one sign try looking for all three of these signs
Your sun sign
Rising moon sign
Star sign

And then you can see why your sign does not exactly describe you.It is because it was only 1 piece in a three piece puzzle.
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Re: How do you know?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
In Western culture, the elements are typically simply Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. These are the four elements because all others that might be named are made up of these four basic elements.

Further, while some people consider "spirit" or "the divine" the fifth element, this was not originally the case - The elements were a study of alchemy, and in spirituality were considered to be useful in understanding the physical. Spirit, or the divine, was not of the physical, and nor did it define the physical, so it was not considered an element.

I would further point out that nobody really has an element. In astrology, when you are described with an element, it is just that: a description.

It does not mean that this is your specific element. It does not mean that is your only element. It means that the qualities of that element can be used to describe your personality.

A man or woman, being of the physical, is made of all four of the natural elements.

Earth is defined as what makes us solid. It is growth, wild and planned. It is balance, and centering. But it can also be too rigid, and unyielding, keeping us from changing.

Water flows like the tides. It can be a cold element, and it can erode away at us, forcing us to adapt or be swept away. But it is also the glue that binds us, being the force that allows all aspects of the elements come together.

Air flows like water, but is harder to catch. It can wear us down, but then it can also rapidly turn us in new directions when we. It brings creativity and whim and thought, but it can also leave us flippant, inattentive, and lost.

Fire is the spark of life. It is what gives us warmth. Fire burns and cleanses and purifies, and its absence gives us shade and darkness. It gives us passion and love and much raw emotion, but just as fire burns everything to ash, it can also make our emotions consume us.

If you feel you are closer to one element over the others, that is because its qualities more closely resemble your personality than those of the other elements. Take the time to examine the element you feel closest to, to understand it better and learn more about yourself. From there, you can learn about the other elements with your new perspective.
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Re: How do you know?
Post # 6
May I be so bold as to suggest you post your element descriptions on the public rituals AwakeTooLong? They are far more complete than my own when I try to answer similar questions and would love to use them in reference.
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Re: How do you know?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Sure. I will try to write them better. I'm actually sitting here kinda spaced out after getting back from the E.R. haha
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