Roma Cleansing Chant

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Roma Cleansing Chant
Post # 1
This is a chant of Misfortune Cleansing that was passed down from my grandmother. It is to be said in a dark room lit only by candles and burning incense at any time during the moons cycle except the new moon. If you are confident in your pronunciation, I would suggest the Roma version as it is more potent. Be clear in your intent to be rid of your misfortune.

Mayo Heba Bibaxt
Blokime Ji Dukiv
Drabarav a durikeravi
Yo krisiv a inkalka kumpanya
Paruvav Bibaxti a baxt i ji
Yo wudjo, si e kerdo!

Trouble, Problems, Misfortune
I block thee from my soul
I heal my spirit and predict the future
You are Banished to the Judging Sun
I trade misfortune for a fortunate soul
I am clean, and it is done!

(this is a repost from my coven forum.)
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Re: Roma Cleansing Chant
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I tend to change spells around to fit me and I was wondering if I could do that to this one and if you thought it would effect the out come in anyway.

For example: chancing I to My family or My family and I. We are having a bit of bad luck lately and was hoping this would work. Also, which do you think would be more effective. Speaking it in English or in the Roma?
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Re: Roma Cleansing Chant
Post # 3
It is perfectly acceptable to change it to "my family" in English.
In Roma here are no identifying pronouns so "I" or "my" ect would be implied. You would only have to change line 2 of the Roma version. "Blokime Ji Dukiv Famiyavi"(I block thee from the souls of my family).

I would say it in both, if you aren't sure of it. The most important thing is that you are clear in your intent while chanting.

Also a tip, maybe have a photo of your family near you while you chant to keep the intent of cleansing your whole family clear. After it's done, you could look into casting a protection spell or something of that sort to keep warding off bad luck or omen. Hope this helps!
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