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Help Needed
Post # 1
Hello everyone! For the longest time, I've been wanting to start my own coven here in my hometown. My friends are all interested in magick and they do practice almost daily, as do I. I brought up the mention of starting one a while ago, and they said they were interested and would love to join, but I find being the high priestess of one would be challenging. We don't hang out as much as we would like, so it would be hard to even have a small one going. Any tips or suggestions?

I prefer more experienced people to help out, but anyone is more than welcome to help me out. Thanks!

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Re: Help Needed
Post # 2
You should have a strict day or time of month when to meet.
You also need a location to meet or switch off of going to members houses.
You also should record each others skills (abilities) in a book of shadows. and everyone could put there own spells and put information in it as well.

~ also, I looked at your profile, could you put where you live as the location so if someone who lives near you sees it here they can contact you. But you should only put state or country and town.
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Re: Help Needed
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I was in a coven called The stars in my hometown. We had a member for each element so naturally five members but we also had a high priest and high priestess. They were not included in the five elementals but they led us. When j moved they told me to keep my title so technically I'm the fire star. And in my new town I was told to start a coven and make it the fire branch of the coven. So I became a high priest. It really isn't that hard maybe a little stressful but not hard at all.
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