Talking to a dead girl?

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Talking to a dead girl?
Post # 1
So about 6 months ago I had an extremely vivid dream about a little girl, who was about maybe 8 years old. I was playing with her and she was laughing and giggling, and then when at one point we were resting on the ground she turned to me and said "*Liza can you help me?" and I responded 'sure sweetie, whats up?" And she told me her name was *Aurora and then she asked me to tell her bother she loved him, and that she was ok, and couldn't wait to see him again. She also told me very seriously that I was to tell him that *It's NOT his fault* she stressed this point several times to me. I agreed and asked her who her brother was and was shocked when she named an extremely friend of mine. Shortly after I woke up, and couldnt get the dream out of my head. After an hour or so of thinking I called my friend and told him about the dream and relayed the message, asking if it meant anything to him. I got nothing but silence for a few minutes and then he started crying... once he calmed down again he told me about his little sister... and how she had died some years earlier. I was still not completely certain about my dream child being the same girl, so I described her to my friend causing another small meant of tears. I had described her detail for detail, including her name.

Since then I've had 4 or 5 more dreams involving *Aurora, each time she tell me something of her past, just some small thing, and I ask my friend who confirms it as total truth.
All of theses new dreams are just as vivid as the first and I have no idea what they could be. Am I really talking to my friends deceased little sister? If so does that mean I'm a medium?
Any advice would be welcome.

*Not the real name of the person (for privacy reasons I changed both my name and her's)
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Re: Talking to a dead girl?
Post # 2
Seems to me this little girl has yet to move on. Maybe she is using you to bring peace to her family? Or she may just need help moving on to the other side.

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