Leaking energy?

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Leaking energy?
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`Merry meet everyone.

Basically I've always had a strong sixth sense. My whole life I've lived with our house spirits/ghosts, and on top of that a strong sicth sense runs in my family as well. In the 1700-1800 my greatgreagtreatgreat grandma got burnt as a witch.

I've always had a sense of spirits, I know when they're normal and I know when they're bad and avoid going into those places. I haven't seen more than three spirits in my life however, and all through somekind of reflection, like a window. Scare me everytime though.

Anyway, that is the reason why years back I found Wicca, and joined into it. Because it's something I believe in, and feel close to.

But lately things have been going in weird direction. I've never had any problems with controlling energy or anything, but now it feels like it's leaking over.

When I started I was warned that because of my strong sixth sense and family blood, I'd have a lot more power hidden in me and had to start with small things to find my limits and what I could do.

But now it's...all weird. When I gather the energy on my right hand, sometimes I can't make it stop. I close my mind and the paths like I always do, but for some reason my hand keeps burning up, it feels like pins and needless in bad way, it just burns more and more until I have to clutch it against my chest and force it to stop, which in turn makes me go lightheaded and weak.

After that, my hand is red and raw for days and I can't use it properly.

It really confuses me because it's never happened before. All I've done different is that I've practiced more and grown stronger in what I can do. And it doesn't even happen everytime, only about 1/5 times.

Does anyone know why this might happen?
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