What's a Poor Witch to Do

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What's a Poor Witch to Do
Post # 1
Witchcraft doesn't always come cheap. I currently have a mere 19 items in my wishlist, mostly books, totaling to over $300. I realize there may be cheaper resources elsewhere, but aside from that, you'll need to acquire supplies whenever you need them. Unless you make absolutely everything yourself, something I can't see everyone doing (myself included), it has to come from somewhere.

I've read a few things and one thing caught my attention: Witches crafting for another should do so without thought of compensation of any kind.

If this is true, what's a poor witch to do? The job market in the US is all but kaput, and anyone who's seen The Dark Knight can recall the Joker's philosophy "If you're good at something, never do it for free."

"An it harm none, do as ye will", the Wiccan rede, seems to permit the sale of magic as long as it doesn't harm anyone in one interpretation.

I'd also like to note that the online shop offers spell kits as well.

Thoughts? Opinions? What's a poor witch to do?
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Re: What's a Poor Witch to Do
Post # 2
Actually one needs not acquire any tools to work magic. Traditions and certain rituals may call for tools yes but they are not entirely necessary to work with magic. Many try not to work with any tools at all as they become crutches for many and some feel that they can not work with out them.

A spell is simple. Its energy work with intent and will and being focused on a purpose or outcome. You don't need fancy items for that. That is a personal choice.

There are many different sayings about those crafting for others in many different traditions. To tell someone not to charge for their hard work is rather pompous in my opinion. There are many that I know that make things and sell them fairly. Some trade, that two is also just a personal choice.

Keep in mind not all witches are wiccan not everyone follows that rede.

Spell kits are great for those who do not know what they are doing or need to have it fast and set up for them but honestly if you know how to work with energy you know how to do the magic all on your own.

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Re: What's a Poor Witch to Do
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Actually making your own can be fun. Also searching and finding things in nature that can be useful. There are a lot of free websites that will help you to learn craft your own tools. There's a lot a poor girl can do

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Re: What's a Poor Witch to Do
Post # 4
True that Mare
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Re: What's a Poor Witch to Do
Post # 5
Excellent points. This isn't so much asking for advice as it is something to think about. I can totally understand the dependency aspect, and some of my own initial practices have been purely energy work. I'm thinking from the perspective of those who prefer to use materials and tools and used the Wiccan rede as a counterpoint to the bit about not charging for services rendered, something else I read from a Wiccan site.

In my honest opinion, people should do as they feel with what they feel they need, and those choosing to use tools and materials should openly consider fair sale or trade of services.

This thought also stems from my own hopes of opening a healing shop of my own someday.
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Re: What's a Poor Witch to Do
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
When I was younger, I used a coffee can as a cauldron and a kitchen knife as a ritual dagger. Witches have always been poor. They were the common folk magick practitioners. That's why their tools are household objects (broom, knife, pot, cup, bell, etc). It's the ceremonial magicians with their precious gems and metals, ritual weapons, fancy robes, and rare incenses that get expensive.

The only "tool" you need is yourself. And if you really want or need tools, look around your home, a thrift store, or the dollar store. Most things used by witches can be found in those places.
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Re: What's a Poor Witch to Do
Post # 7
I love shoestring witchcraft, and it's not expensive at all. Some times it is easier to substitute a cheaper or less fancy component that fits what you need for a harder to get one. It's a good reason why I never throw hardly anything away if I think I can use it later.
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Re: What's a Poor Witch to Do
Post # 8
If you REALLY want tobuy the items (I want too,and i know, if you thiks its hard in USA, you must see how it is in Brazil... people try to sell a 1 inch cristal for 35 Reals, ABOUT 17/18 Dolars) try to get money. How? Well, casting spells, making amulets, use your knoledge to change your "poverty".
Things are really getting better for me. I used to gain 250 reals (about 125 d?lars) to 400 reals (200 dolars) in my freelance job. Yesterday my boss tell me he will give me a increase.
Little by little, thing will getting better.
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