Energy Color, Yes or No?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Energy Color, Yes or No?

Energy Color, Yes or No?
Post # 1
Many believe energy has no color and/or its color is meaningless. While others believe energy has color and your energy color gives you certain strengths in the aspect that align with your color. I will present both views.
~Energy Has No Color~
Energy has no color.
~Energy Has Color~
Energy does has color, that's why it manifests in colored auras around the body.
If it had no color then you couldn't see it, only detect it.
~Has No Color~
Well even if it does the colors have no meaning.
~Has Color~
Well it may have meaning. Scientifically certain color energies are more power. Here's a list from most powerful to least: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple.
Certain energies may even be more powerful to certain practices.

That's my theory. I hope you thoroughly read this. Please give me intelligent feedback. And don't be a d**k.
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Re: Energy Color, Yes or No?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Sorry spider. But you do not seem to understand colours, (or Auras for that matter!).
There are only three colours; all others are a mixture of two or all of these three,red, blue, and yellow. Black is the absence of "any" colour.White contains all colours.
(As proved by Isaac Newton)
Auras are not energy! They are "emanations" from the emotions being felt at that particular time;they can change by the minute.
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Re: Energy Color, Yes or No?
Post # 3
Pardon me, Brysing, but those are the colors of pigment (actually, blue is cyan and red is magenta). When all three pigments are combined they make black. That's one theory as to why many witches wear black in rituals or day to day. The three colors of light are yellow, blue and green and when those three combine they create white light. Depending on which form of color you look at things from, black and white are technically the same thing. Black made from pigments is thought to absorb energy, as black contains all colors. White made from (no) pigment is thought to reflect energy, as white, as far as pigment goes, is the total absence of color.

Back on topic, energy has no physical form. Therefore, it intrinsically has no specific color or feel. If two people were asked what a green aura meant to them, one may say illness while the other may say it means they have a lot of natural or earthly energy about them. Auras, as I've learned, are very personal things to both the one they belong to and the one interpreting them, and there's no guarantee the two will agree.

Many people associate color with energy as a means of interpreting it. By calling "healing energy" white or blue or gold, they're simply giving a factually absent value to the desired outcome so that the caster can focus on something to put their intent and effort into. Almost anything you read about meditative or psionic healing says to visualize a white, gold, etc. light surrounding you or enveloping the desired area of healing.

Energy is very personal and so it varies from person to person. The ultimate answer is just that. It depends on the person. There's no right or wrong answer and you should look at things the way it feels best to you.
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Re: Energy Color, Yes or No?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Sorry to disagree once more. Colour is only the reflective light coming into your eye.If there is no light, there is no colour.
In a darked room all colours are grey.
Some anomals see more colours than we do; some only see one or none.Different insects see different colours;that's why they visit different flowers.
Yes, the three I named are the pigments; but as I said, all other colours come from those three.
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Re: Energy Color, Yes or No?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
By the way, as black doe not reflect any light at all, it has no colour.
But, make a disc, and colour one third red,one third blue,one third yellow.
Then spin it on a spindle. You will get, not black, but pure white!
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Re: Energy Color, Yes or No?
Post # 6

It does seem that you can "see" colors around certain people, and the ones that are black you can feel.. But I'm not very knowledgeable about auras, I just see them from time to time...

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