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New to Herbalism
Post # 1
Ok I am really new to this website and magic (I only found out about this all a few days ago) and one of the things I am most interested in about is Herbalism, espeically because in my garden we have a few herbs and plants growing, the most common we have is peppermint, so I am very interested in finding out how I can use as part of my healing spells (maybe) or similar.
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Re: New to Herbalism
Post # 2

I've used spearmint in a cleansing ritual I am fond of (that calls for garlic, honey, spearmint, and cinnamon) and I would use peppermint for it as well.

Here are some articles on herbs from SoM, though you are probably going to want to cross referefence them with other sources.
^The article with mint.

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Re: New to Herbalism
Post # 3

I have helpful links for you.

  • Herbal Grimore from themagickalcat. They also have color properties and gemstone properties
  • Remember to...(herbs)
  • This is a master post I have made on various herbs I have researched that one can put into one's herbal grimore.
  • Tips to make a Herbal Grimore. I would just like to thank Artindark for really helping me out with this post with her tips, they are wonderful!
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    Re: New to Herbalism
    Post # 4
    Thanks, the links are really good, especially the alphabetic herb list (like the O-Q herbs list)
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    Re: New to Herbalism
    Post # 5
    Mint in tea form aids upset stomachs, flu, and can be used to ease hiccups. Inhalations of the leaves in boiling water is recommended for head colds and asthma. Mint tea used instead of aspirin is great for headaches, particularly pre menstrual headaches. Nervous headaches can be relieved if you lie in a dark room with fresh peppermint leaves on the forehead. Aids the respiratory and circulatory systems. An anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic. Ideal for treating indigestion, flatulence, varicose veins, headaches, migraines, skin irritations,rheumatism, toothache, and general fatigue.
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    Re: New to Herbalism
    Post # 6
    I think herbs are one of the most important things in casting spells. Think about it, just like gems, herbs have magickal properties. You certainly can mix herbs, and like it, magick can be a little obscure. There are herbs all around he world. Herbs have scent. Unpicked, they probably give off their own electromagnetic wave signature (like an identifier).

    When I first start playing with herbs, I got a list and went shopping at a natural foods store. I then started experimenting, making elixirs which can be dangerous. My heart is still beating. Then I got a spirit guide that wanted me to start drumming to get into trance to study my herbs that way. I made one particular herbal mix I made a tea out of to have vivid and prophetic dreams. The best I could do was predict the coming of a horrible fishing season, which was awesome.

    I can't decide what I like best about herbs. The H is silent, herbs are soothing or that I use them to conform to my will?
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