Spells that alter matter

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Spells that alter matter
Post # 1
Hey guys, this is my first forum post.
The way I see it, spells increase the probability of something happening. If we follow the multiverse theory (which I strongly believe in), then it is possible not to just alter your luck, but matter itself.
The multiverse theory states that for every action from a being with a consciousness, creates an infinite number of other universes in which the being made a different decision, thus letting things turn out far more different. Spells (in my opinion) are tools that guide you along the universes (I don't know exactly how, though). Thereby, you could go into a universe using spells where, let's say, you become a werewolf.
If you have a different theory, then please reply.

Re: Spells that alter matter
Post # 2
Why would you want to change who you are? First of all, it's not possible. Secondly, being human is wonderful and difficult as it is.

Re: Spells that alter matter
Post # 3
Let's just assume this universe happens to be the one with strict physics, where incantations cannot change matter itself. In a different universe with different laws of physics, perhaps. Certainly not this one. Carl Sagan once said, "To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first recreate the universe." Or something along those lines. This goes without saying that all matter came from preexisting matter. Once the universe was created, energy formed into matter.

Matter can be altered. But you cannot change your own personal matter. Changing your own matter to the atomic level can only be possible with technology. Doing so would likely lead to everything you are made of being torn to pieces, every atom that composed "you" scattering apart. You would cease to exist.

Even if we skip discussion of matter, you still cannot change your own genetic make up.

You were born a human, and you will die a human.

Re: Spells that alter matter
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Both of these people are gone, King.

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