Weird dream

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Weird dream
Post # 1
My little sister has medical craziness. She has only one kidney and is Allergic to: peanuts, tree nuts, coconuts, tomatoes, oranges, and tuna. She also has problems with some medications. Anyways we are always thinking that if there was ever an accident, then shed be in some real trouble, like if she took a big fall or got a nasty cut, her life could be at risk. She's ten and I'm 13, but last night(Monday night) I had a dream that she had a horrible accident and that I needed to donate her some Blood to keep her alive. I'm kind of a conspiracy theorist, and hypodermic anything makes me shiver, but when I had blood drawn in the dream, it felt so real... What's goin on here? The thing that comes to mind for me is that I may be Foreseeing an event yet to happen, but I'm not sure at all. I opened my 3rd eye about 3 weeks ago, and the weird symptoms had subsided but I think these events may all correlate... Any thoughts on this?
(And sorry for random enters I'm using an iPod touch and the enter is poorly placed.)
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Re: Weird dream
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Honestly, it could be a dream of events to come or it could be a simple dream reflecting your worries and concerns and fears.

The difference is difficult to define for individuals until they get a better handle on the "feel" between such dreams through experience.

Given your concerns for your sister, your fears over needles, and the general anxiety that you have over the entire subject matter of your dream, it certainly makes sense to have worrisome dreams about it. Your subconscious tends to bring such things up in dreams - my belief is that it lets your process your fears, confront them, and so forth so that you are better capable of dealing with them should they actually transpire in reality.

But then, you'll get many people giving you many answers on this thread concerning the whole thing. Take what you will from it.
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Re: Weird dream
Post # 3
I get what you mean but I don't worry about it much since we found out about her having one kidney. That was about two or three years ago.
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Re: Weird dream
Post # 4
actually 4
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