Spells for beginners.

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Spells for beginners.
Post # 1
I will not quote spells here, I'll just make a few comments here for those who are new here and began to learn about spells and these stuff. Some here ask about what is, how to cast or how to create an spell.

I think the better way to start, is 'to start with the basics'. The stories about wicca / witchcraft (differences). How it was created, books, references, etc (the forum has many sources to research). One of the things I learned during my studies, that magic is not practiced simply quoting verses well written, or that rhyme, but with your mind and spirit.

Spells is not a cake recipe that can be used by all people. Some spells work fine or not, with each person. I once read, (I can't remember by whom it was written) but said that some spells may not happen for various reasons, some of them, very obvious.
Imagine you trying to cast a rain spell or wanting snow in the desert? There are several reasons to not happen. The same to invoke spirits, for example, when it refuses to appear (maybe lack of maturity or others things).

The idea is, magic consist in studies, attempts and love with what are you doing, long learning and practicing. So, don't be disappointed with a few failures, and don't want to skip the basic, to feel lost in the advanced. Seek to learn the basics and feel free to share your questions in the forum.

Blessed be.
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magick charm needed?
Post # 2
So some spells won't work in diffirent enviorment condistion, but im curios, will a spell work if the caster had a magick amulet, pendent, ring, etc.?
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Re: Spells for beginners.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

This is not D&D. You don't get "Plus Stats" for jewelry that you wear. If a spell is fantasy and won't work, then it is fantasy and won't work.

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Re: Spells for beginners.
Post # 4
How can i start casting a spell? Pls guide me I'm new here and
I really want to join the group.
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Re: Spells for beginners.
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Emily, i would recommend researching the basics and tools. When you get those down pretty well then you wont need to ask for spells, you will be able to write your own. Also, I don't think you should cast spells just to cast spells or get experience. You should cast spells for a reason because if you are just casting a spell to cast a spell there wont be that intent or need for the spell and it either wont work or it wont be powerful. Spells aren't meant to immediately make your life better, but it pushes energies in your favor.
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Re: Spells for beginners.
By: / Novice
Post # 6
this is a path where you need to learn and grow all the time. it's not an easy one to walk. while you might not be studying all day every day, you should try to learn new things, experience new things, and see things in a new light. to be a witch does not mean you cast spells, it means to learn and be wise.

most pagans go through a "Year and a Day" ceremony in which you study every day for a period of 366 days. after this period you preform a dedication ceremony explaining what you've learned, and why you feel this path is right for you. [can be to a bunch of friends and family, or just to the Lord and Lady] this period of study though shouldn't be 'well i meditated today for 5 minutes' it should be you read a chapter in a beginners guide, you worked on your tools, you took a walk alone in the woods to reflect on what magick means.

with casting spells, it shouldn't be the focus of why you've chosen a religion. [you can cast spells with any faith system really] spells should only be cast when you need them, not when you feel bored or wish to show off, if you don't have some drive to need it to succeed. also, before you can cast any spell, you need to know about energy, how to charge, focus, and ground it. while you can use the energy in your body, you really shouldn't because you'll become weak really quickly, and might even get sick as a result. once you know all the basics of spells and spell casting, try a simple candle spell, you need a candle of the corresponding colour of the spell you wish to cast, then focus the energy you've charged into the candle, as it burns, visualize your outcome. finally, work to achieve your goal. don't expect it to work instantly, or work while you lay on the couch watching tv, you still need to earn it. remember, magick is energy found in nature, it cannot go against nature, and although it's powerful, it cannot work overnight.
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Re: Spells for beginners.
Post # 7
Thank you very much for your great tips i will follow your advise very carefully
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Re: Spells for beginners.
Post # 8
This is really helpful
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