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Shek joining the site
Post # 1
Hello, first of all... i am sorry, but i couldn't decide if to introduce myself here on welcome, or on the "introduce yourself" part... so i ended up doing it here.

It's been a while since the last time i had checked this page. I decided not to join due to all the "fake" spells i had read here (Summon werewolves? destroy the world?). Recently, though....something happened to me, and i decided to join, as i think this is an interesting "subject" and having noone to talk about it felt a bit....sad.

I mean, it's dissapointing when you talk about certain spiritual things with people seriously, and they either question your mental sanity, or directly ask if you've taken drugs.

With that said... these last days weird stuff kept happening to me, both here and on the dream world. Knowing places i've never been in, then dreaming i discover the same place. Today, i felt a weird (link?) with water, and looking at the site, i found tonight we have full moon, and for me, clear water is associated to the moon. So it all made sense. Could i say... the moon was calling me?

About me...well, i'm quite shy when it comes to showing myself, but i will try. I am 20 years old, live in Spain, and have certain....i dont know.... (powers?).

I don't like to call it powers as that sounds like i can go all "kamehameha" or i can teleport and so. As you will understand, it's nothing like that.

I am just conscious of certain links between me, my spirit, my dreams, and certain everyday items, people, situations, places, etc. I've got a certain someone that has been an spiritual guide for about a year. She's been my teacher for all this time, helping me discover myself and my powers, yet.... shes usually not there to talk, always being in her own world. That happens to me occasionally too, as i shift between this world and the dream world, which isnt that good (i've walked into street lights, people, hit my head on a traffic light's pole, etc).

I'm sorry for the wall of text, and i'm looking forward to talk and learn more with all of you!
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Re: Shek joining the site
Post # 2
welcome to SOM shek
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Re: Shek joining the site
Post # 3
Thank you :)
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Re: Shek joining the site
Post # 4
Welcome to SoM =)
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