Goddess Invocation

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Goddess Invocation
Post # 1
Some teens relate to Aphrodite: beautiful, popular, and desired by young men. You've probably figured Aphrodite and her teen counterpart have it all, right? Well, like Aphrodite, sometimes flirtious females gain an unfavorable reputation. And unless you are a real goddess, youthful beauty wont last forever. Aphrodite's good points are confidence and compassion. She is an all-around dynamic goddess. How can you tap into Aphrodite energies and empower yourself with her positive character traits? Discover her passion, love, and punk, then reclaim those qualities as your own.

Use the following poem to jump-start this process. Say the invocation whenever you feel the need to be rejuvenated with Aphrodite's positive attributes.

Aphrodite, goddess, passion and power
I call to you, for you, of you
Sea foam, gold, and glitter
Mystic eyes, strong and confident
Bring within-the red rose
Surround me, treasured beauty
I take inside, Aphrodite
She is me.

from my sis book.
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Re: Goddess Invocation
Post # 2
Well this is quite interesting. It a good thing that your mention your source "sis book" but did you ask your sister's permission to post this?
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Re: Goddess Invocation
Post # 3
Very nice to share...all I can say is at least it is something 'POSITIVE'...but permission to share and print is important.
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Re: Goddess Invocation
Post # 4
I agree with you. It can be consider as "stealing work".
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Re: Goddess Invocation
Post # 5
yes i do, she agree to share it to others, i wont post it if my sis doesnt want to. Infact we share our kn0wledge in each other and her book to me. And i also share mine.

please dont thing that I stole it. I am very sure that i didnt.

just comment.
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Re: Goddess Invocation
Post # 6
I see. I sense that you both, you and lil sister get along well.
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Re: Goddess Invocation
Post # 7
I would also add a pink candle, anointed with Geranium essential oil. Remember that as you anoint you should visualize the Goddess energy entering & reverberating out yourself. I'd ring the candle with some dried rose petals & a few rose quartz crystals then light it... I like having visual components while I chant my spells.

Afterwards you can add one of the crystals, bit of left over candle wax & rose petals in a sachet/mojo bag. Carry it to remind you of the divine spark of Venus. I call her Venus because I am Italian in heritage. =]
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Re: Goddess Invocation
Post # 8
Artemis is the Greek goddess of strength, the keeper of wild animals, a midwife and huntress. She said to carry a bow and a quiver filled with silver piercing arrows. Even though this goddess assisted in childbirth, Artemis was an eternal virgin. She roamed the forest with a band of nymphs, avoiding male mortals and killing any of them who came upon her group.
Artemis was one of the most beloved goddess of Greece, honored in rituals and worshipped as the moon. She lived so closely with nature that when in danger, she'd shape-shift into a bear or dear. Her warlike stance attracted the eye of a mysterious group of warriors called the Amazons. They claimed Astemis as their own worshipping her as their patron deity.
Her image was contradictory because the ancient Greeks blended several local goddess into he personification. Artemis became a loving, nymphlike huntress flashing through her domain, the Greenwood, shooting arrows that never missed their mark. Yet at the same time, she saved pregnant animals from hunters seeking prey. This lovely, youthful goddess claimed the title "Lady of Wild Things."
Artemis is strong and powerful, yet giving and loving all at the same time. She is the embodiment of today's feminist, and enchanting warrior. Her qulities are numerous, but Artemis and teens who strongly relate to her energy often neglect to put them selves first. If you're taking care of others, fighting for a cause, or leaping over boundaries and obstacles, then your needs fade into the background. Don't forget to set some personal time aside for yourself and listen to your soul.

Use the invocation below to tap into Artemis's strength and vitality.

Call yonder to the Artemis moon
Nymph in the Greenwood Forest
Fly by night shooting silver arrows
Drumbeat fast, vitality
Worship, praise be, Artemis call
I scream, strength!
Into me, I yearn, I become
I scream, strength!
Artemis call
Artemis call down
Down to me
I am her, she is me.

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Re: Goddess Invocation
By: / Novice
Post # 9


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