Ghost Busters

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Ghost Busters
Post # 1
For years I've always felt another presence in my house, my brother and my friends have felt it too. We all believe it's a ghost or spirit. I never got the sense that it was bad, it never seemed to do us any harm except occasionally give us the creeps when we thought we were alone in the house. (the worst was when you're in the bathroom...) I actually liked the ghost, you feel it strongly in my room where my bed was.

Except for now. It's like it left without saying good bye...I miss it. I don't even know who it was...Is there a spell that can help me find out more about my mystery ghost?
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Re: Ghost Busters
Post # 2
You could use a Ouija board, which can be quite effective if used Right.

Alternatively, you could try automatic writing, or tarot cards.
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Re: Ghost Busters
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Yeah, they do like to hang out in bathrooms which can be a hassle. While you're trying to find out a little more about this spirit, you can always cleanse places like the bathroom where you don't necessarily want company. You can start by making sure the space is nice and clean,( some spirits like to linger in dark and dirty places, especially if they're less than pleasant themselves.) I find desert sage not only pleasant smelling, but effective in cleansing your own energy and that in a room. You can recite any incantation of your choosing, there are oodles listed on the site, but make sure whatever it is you state your intent that "This is my private space, and only good friends and good council may enter." Or something similar, you're not trying to get rid of him, just keep him out of your toilet. Make sure you're systematically applying the sage smoke to the corners of the room, repeat the process with salt for the corners, and open the door and wash your hands. This way at least you can do your business in peace while you figure out your next step.
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Re: Ghost Busters
Post # 4
use a Ouija board, it can tell you about spirits or ghosts. Hope that helps. blessed be!
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