steps for magical items?

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steps for magical items?
Post # 1
So far I know how to create my own magical items and consencrate water and salt but in what I reserched in books/online it mentions you have to do it in a casting circle for that proses. most cricles require magical items to be formed, -I would like to know the corect order in witch I need to create items, circles and altars.
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Re: steps for magical items?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

For circle casting, you can use things like salt, water, and earth, unless you specifically want to use objects to build your circle (and you can even use both!). You do not necessarily have to consecrate items within a circle for them to be deemed sacred, holy, pure, etc, however it is better to do this within a ritualized setting, as it tends to put more oomph into your cleansing and blessing. If you wish to, you can create a circle of salt, water, or earth, consecrate the items for your circle and/or altar, then use the items that you have consecrated within that circle for an inner circle or for placement on your altar (which should be within your circle if you wish to do this).

But all in all, which way you decide to do things is upon you, your path, and how you want it to be.

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Re: steps for magical items?
Post # 3
Thank u mesu you've been of good help to me lately "blessed be.
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Re: steps for magical items?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

You do not need any physical items to cast a circle. A circle is simply a sphere of energy which is created by drawing up energy from the Earth and shaping it with your mind. If you want to "draw" it with something you can simply use your index finger as the pointer or tool to direct that energy.

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Re: steps for magical items?
By: / Novice
Post # 5

You are welcome stallion, however, as Lark said, you don't need physical objects. I have always used a physical representation of what I'm doing because it tends to get me into a deeper sense of ritual or of sacred space. To me, while within a circle, you are bringing together all the energies of both above and below, of earth and sky, and because of this, it is somewhat important to use representations of what you are doing. However, I tend to be an "all out" kind of person when I do rituals and get very into using objects and tools both in their creation and in the representation of the elements and the energies involved in the working at hand.

Sorry I completely blanked on not using any objects or tools.

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