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Hello from Mesu
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I have practiced for enough years to know the difference between reality and fantasy, and enough after that to question my previous definitions. I know many things and wish to learn many, many more.

I am currently going through a trying time in my life, however, this is not why I turned to magic. Many years ago, when I was nice and young, I was very spiritually related, and remember this greatly. As I grew up, I drifted away from this, and then, when I was around 11 to 12, I turned to magic to further myself and gain a sense of control over my own world.

As I've traveled from that time, I've gained many insights, much suffering, and lots of love. For me, magic isn't something I just do within a sacred space, nor is it something I just do because it is necessary. Magic, to me, is as necessary as breathing, as important as living, as wonderful as loving. Magic is a thing to trust in and believe in, even if it is only as those wonderful fairytales we read to our children. Magic is bringing a smile to a person's face, thinking kindly on the person who's brought you to harm. Magic is so much more and greater than simple spells, complex rituals, or any of the ilk. Magic is amazing.
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Re: Hello from Mesu
Post # 2
Hello Mesu.

I'm quite new here, too.

That's quite the story. You definitely have the gift for it.

Have you shown any natural abilities? Is there a path you're drawn to?
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Re: Hello from Mesu
By: / Novice
Post # 3

My natural abilities are, quite simply, in being drawn to this. At different times and through different things I've done, I've found that at one time I will be extremely useless, and at another extremely useful.

My path is something of my own creation based on all the things that I have learned.

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Re: Hello from Mesu
Post # 4
I have a similar experience, as I created my current path, from what had interested me.
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