Do spirit guides?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Do spirit guides?

Do spirit guides?
Post # 1
Do spirit guides try to stop us when we are chosing some wrong path?
Or trusting some wrong person?

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Re: Do spirit guides?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well it depends, some spirit guides feel it's better for you to come to conclusions on your own [in terms of your path] but if you were going to leave with a person that means you harm, they more often try to step in. normally you'll hear them, or you'll get a very distinct feeling you shouldn't go with the person.
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Re: Do spirit guides?
Post # 3

A Spirit Guide does protect you from harm. However, the Spirit Guide will not protect you from life lessons. For example, If you ask your Spirit Guide if you should marry someone the Spirit Guide will most likelysay yes, even if the Spirit Guide knows it will end in a divorce. Only because it would teach use a lifelesson.

Your Spirit Guide may intervene, but most likely won't if it would teach you an important life lesson.

I recommend you read the book Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingerman.

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Re: Do spirit guides?
Post # 4
Oh thats weird... they should actually let us know if we are on wrong path!

Life lessons are okay but you dont need to have a broken heart just to learn a little leson :/
*IMO divorce is a very very very big thing! (Indian culture)
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Re: Do spirit guides?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Life isn't meant to be easy and lessons are as hard as we make them. If we are stubborn people, the lessons will be far more brutal to us.
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Re: Do spirit guides?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
heartbreak sucks, but your guide knows its for the best. if you go through no struggles or hardships, you won't appreciate the good as much.

for example, my last boyfriend was an abusive jerk, i was crazy about him for many years i never let another guy get close to me because of how much i cared for him. [even before we dated] once we broke up though a friend of mine asked me out and we've been together for 3 years and i couldn't be happier. point is, if i was just told 'he's a jerk who will break your heart go out with this guy' i'm fairly certain i wouldn't of [mostly because everyone told me my ex was a jerk who would hurt me] but even if i started dating my current boyfriend while my ex was still in the picture, i would still have feelings for him, and he would be tempting me back. [because that's who he is] my brain always knew he was no good, and everyone told me the same thing, but i cared about him and that seems to trump logic. just because a higher power tells you something, doesn't mean you'll do it, and if you do follow their word, you won't have the same appreciation or wisdom as you would of if you went through the hard times.
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