dose initiation affect me

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dose initiation affect me
Post # 1
I know by heart and soul that I want to follow the wiccan path and worship the great goodes and her co creator, and I've been reading and resrching as much as I can on wicca. But do I really need to perform the dedication-initiation to become a wiccan and follow the path? also if I don't perform the dedication or initiation dose it affect the performance of my spells, rituals, spirit cominication and bonding, spirit summoning, castin circles, astral travel, and spiritual growth in general?
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Re: dose initiation affect me
Post # 2
Your mindset is the most important aspect of the path. The more thought, feeling, and energy you can put into anything the stronger it is. Will it affect your skills and abilites no it will not. But as with all these things it is an oppertunity for you. At its base it is only a dedication saying that I am going to put all my effort into this and stick with this. But more deeply it is a challange for you. For to walk any path changes you and creates within you something more and greater then what you are and were. But only if you allow it to change you. Or if you notice the change.
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Re: dose initiation affect me
Post # 3
Thank gor shareing, blessed be.
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Re: dose initiation affec
By: / Novice
Post # 4
You get to choose how you follow the path of your choice, I personally don't believe it will affect your performance, but there is other beliefs that think otherwise.
I honestly believe that you are the only one who can stop you from spiritual growth, that outside things are more of a trigger to you stopping yourself.
As long as you don't bring harm to others, I believe that you get to decide how far you can grow and how strong you can be as a person.
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