Cyber Prison

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Cyber Prison
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
This site is here to give off information and help others in their path that they have picked. It is a great idea with some natural flaws, which makes this a great site to go to. Make friends with people all over the world (Even if the site was just made for English speaking/writing people). If you don't trust or like someone, you could ignore them or go as far in blocking them out (Although most people don't do it because they have the desire to be on top). Ay it is a great site, but maybe too great for others?

I have meet a lot of people on this site and the ones that normally show up on the chat or forums are the people that spend 6+ hours on here per day. I am not saying that is a bad thing because a lot of those people are helpful, but don't try to be on here for that long every day. This doesn't mean much by just being said, but go outside, read a book, play a video game, or even sleep! With work/school taking up most of your day, you should do something worth wild. "But what?!" You may be asking me. There are tons that you can do out there in the world. Go into the woods and mediate under the trees with the sweet summer winds hitting your face. Read up on some local herbs in your area and gather them up. Watch some clouds. Train your body and mind by exploring the area (town or natural area). Practice controlling your energy with other things (aka trees, plants, rocks, water, ect.).

All I am saying is that you can learn much on here, but putting what you learn into practice can really improve your understanding and life. And hey, once you put it into good practice you could really help people on this site by giving them advise on the matter (not saying you should correct them because that will cause an argument. Reason why you shouldn't correct them is because this study is wide and always expanding. If they are saying one thing and you never tried it or even heard about it, don't say it won't work right away. Just give them advise what you do know).
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Re: Cyber Prison
By: / Novice
Post # 2
good point. while it still happens to me on occasion [normally an overcast Sunday] i use to be drawn into this site when i first joined i would spend all my free time on it. sometimes i have stuff to do like articles, spells, or there's a forum topic i'm enjoying, i try to limit my time because [to paraphrase a comedian] 'the internet is a wonderful place if you know what you're looking for. if you don't it's a time sucking vortex.' so i force myself to only be on for 3 hours at most. [throughout the day] true, many should go outside and put their knowledge into practice, but as mentioned above, the person probably lost track of time and now it's midnight or something.
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Re: Cyber Prison
Post # 3
I'll leave myself logged on, just in case someone needs help.
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