My guide's message to me.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> My guide's message to me.

My guide's message to me.
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I was talking with a friend about something that she likes to do with one of her other friends: to share something she notices each day that she believes is meaningful, in the sense of receiving messages from the universe.

When she told me about this, I thought about my own situation. I live with my partner who hears the spirits, and so I can talk to them in a direct manner through him instead of needing to rely on less clear methods for communication.

I do believe I can still find meaningful universe-related things in my life of course, as my life experiences will always give me a chance to grow, define my personality or show my character.

I then thought about a message that was delivered to me recently by another spirit, from my guide, about a song which recently came out that he wanted me to listen to and understand. My guide greatly appreciates this specific artist for what she does for the people who listen to her, the way she has been able to touch peoples hearts and in many cases save peoples lives through her music. The spirits have also told me that this particular artist has had spiritual influence which has helped her to be as successful as she has been.

Here is the song:

My guide asked me to listen to it 3 times in order to grasp it. I asked for clarification after listening and it might be noted that the message in the song is not intended for me, but it is something my guide wanted me to appreciate.

This may be of some interest to those of you who are interested in messages which can come from spiritual sources, higher than us. :)

I might also note that I do not typically enjoy listening to this sort of music style. That does not, of course, take away from its meaning.
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Re: My guide's message to me.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
not a bad song, not a fan, but it's nice. thanks for the share.
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Re: My guide's message to me.
Post # 3
It's an okay song, thanks for sharing no doubt! I like the original, Vince Gill version better myself however.
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Re: My guide's message to me.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I concur with both of you :) As I generally wouldn't listen to Amy either ^_^'' But I always try to pay attention to anything that comes from my guide, even if it seems trivial.

Oh and goldenowl- while Vince's is the original, Amy is actually the one who wrote the song, it would seem. She and Vince are married. =P (it would seem that she wrote it about her father who has been in his last years of life)
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