wicca: what it is and not

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wicca: what it is and not
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Here is a little bit of info iv picked up while reading "the wicca bible"

These days, wicca refers to a set of practices, beliefs and traditions associated with people who call themselves witches. Witches called themselves wicca not because they think they know more or better than anyone else, but because historically this expression referred to people who work with nature and magic. In wicca, wisdom is an aspiration than a starting point, and learning is an ongoing process. This requires those who wish to join the rank of the wise to acknowledge and accept the constant processes of change and development both within us and within the world around us. The adaptability is appropriate as, apparently, a secondary mean of the word wicca was bendy or wiggly.

On the subject of meaning, there is a distinction between the way that the word wicca is interpreted in Britain and its customary usage in north America . References to wicca in Britain have traditionally alluded to a specific initiatory system of witchcraft as practised within covens that follow either.

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Re: wicca: what it is and not
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Huh, interesting. Never heard of The Wicca Bible, have heard of The Witches Bible though. Wicca is derived from an ancient word meaning wise, but it is a fairly new religion founded by Gerald Gardner based on old practices. It is a branch of witchcraft and is probably the best known of the pagan faiths. There are a bunch of branches from Garderian Wicca, but I know many who follow their own non Wiccan path after a year or two. Remember though all wiccans are witches but not all witches are wiccan. There are a couple rules and beliefs held by Wicca that many witches do not follow. Wicca is very peaceful and Earth bound, but not everyone walks such a path.

I don't know how it is viewed in Britain but where I am if you say you're Wiccan, the person either doesn't know or shrugs and thinks you're very peaceful. At least that's what's happened with me. If you say you're a witch you usually get laughed at or bible quotes. It's just peoples views.
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