A love chant?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> A love chant?

A love chant?
Post # 1
I need a powerfull love chant, that doesn't require ingriedients. Please don't reply with trying to talk me out of it, I would never cast a spell like that if I knew it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

I basically want that this person starts to get a intrest in me( back) and starts talking to me agian, he doesn't have to fall in love with me just start talking to me and feel that that's the right thing to do. The rest, I can do myself ( not with spells, just my personality :)) I just know he's afraid because of certain stuff and I need something to reasure him. Please help :)
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Re: A love chant?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It doesn't work by just chanting some words and I always think that if you should be doing something that you'd already know how and you wouldn't need a step-by-step guide

There are a ton of other people out there so stop trying to be controlling because if they want to be with you then they will

I don't have any moral code that goes against magick for love but I do believe that there are mundane ways to get someone plus if it's not them then it will be someone else
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Re: A love chant?
Post # 3
there are tons of love spells out there that don't require any ingredients. You chant them and as long as you believe in them then they will work. Look on ebay or amazon as they sell some fabulous spell books and they are very cheap. Also try looking on this forums spell section im sure you will find a love chant there. They do exist and they are powerful depending on how much effort you put into them. Good Luck.
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Re: A love chant?
Post # 4

In the spells tab, it says there are over 600 of them. Maybe you could find at least one that might help you :) Happy Hunting

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Re: A love chant?
Post # 5

*sorry, over 6000*

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Re: A love chant?
Post # 6
I understand what you seek, but remember that forcing someone to do something against his/her will, can be dangerous. Try to study his/her will, maybe he/she is trying to get away from you, maybe not. If not, you are clear to start casting the spell, but if his/her will is the opposite...

Personally, I wouldn't cast a love spell on anybody. I do not enjoy forcing people and their energies to control them. To me, that is not right.

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