Kundalini and Chakra

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Kundalini and Chakra
Post # 1
Hello All, I hope everyone is well.

So a little over a month ago, I started doing more serious meditation. I listened to relaxing music to aid me at first, which made it much easier. Later, I realized there were many guided meditation videos on the internet, so I started listening to those, and wow, they do wonders!

The most effective one I have listened to is Kundalini, which I don't know what it is exactly. I know it has something to do with healing chakras. The video is about half and hour long. The first time I listened to it, my body fell asleep but I was quite awake in my mind. When it was over, I felt sleepy, so I took a long nap. During this nap, I had to most vivid dream of my life. I don't remember that much now, but it symbolized so much that was going on in my life. Ever since, every time I do any form of meditation for a period of 15 minutes to about an hour, I have the most vivid dreams, they feel so real! I do not know why I am having these dreams, and I don't even know what Kundalini meditation really is.

Someone said that if you do not do Kundalini meditaton right or without supervision, some could even go insane. If somebody could give me some answers I would be so grateful.

Also, I would like some assistance with opening my chakras. Any form of aid would be much appreciated so please inbox me!

So my main points are what is Kundalini, is it dangerous, why are my dreams so vivid, and is there any way to keep them vivid without doing meditation every day. Thank you so much!

- Blessed Be, Gardenstar
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Re: Kundalini and Chakra
Post # 2
Yeah you can go insane by either working with Kundalini or Chakras, or if not you can easily increase your delusion. Find a qualified teacher. You need a guru who can answer all your questions, and remove all doubt. Long story short: your energy body is made out of channels (something like 84400), when these channels intersect they "make" a chakra, energy flows through these channels, the way the energy flows determines a lot of what you think you are (psychologically), when you concentrate at specific point of the body you mess with the channels and mess with the flow of energy. So you can do some serious damage. Good luck, it's not something to mess with. I speak from experience.
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