Dream or Haunted by ghost

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Dream or Haunted by ghost
Post # 1

A few day ago while i was lying on my bed i heard some strange voice talking(but i couldnt understand a thing due to the noise they make during a same time) around me and i also heard a high frequency sound.On that moment i felt very unconfortable.Somehow i got myself into the sleep, in my dream i saw a girl that was carring by a man.For some reason i knew that this girl was a ghost and i bow to her(i dunno why).Then all the thing i felt suddenly became weaker and weaker.Soon i wake up but some of the noise still in my head but i didnt care about it and continue to sleep.

sorry for my poor english

is it a dream or i was haunt by ghost

anyone can help me ?

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Re: Dream or Haunted by ghost
By: / Novice
Post # 2
while i've communicated with spirits around bedtime myself, the logical conclusion is you were semi-awake. similar to a daydream, you began to dream, but were still awake, you began to hear sounds from your dream, and thought they were spirits. the strange noises could of been from your house; foundation settling, furnace turning on/off. first thing you need to do is rule out all the logical conclusions. how old is your house? older houses make more noise than newer houses. try to find objects that could of made those noises around your room, then throughout your house.

if it comes up leaning more to the spiritual side, meditate, trying to connect with the spirits again. this can be harder for some people, so balance your chakra's, and try having some psychic tea right before your meditation session. the spirit with me likes certain incense, try lighting some while saying a chant, something like 'i offer onto the spirits who dwell here this incense of (name) please come and speak with me, i mean no harm.' or something similar. it can rhyme if you want. after a while, try to sense if there's anything. if you start to feel something [or don't but want to try anyway] start asking questions. wait a while before asking the next one unless you hear/feel an answer. at the end of the session, write down everything. you could try during, but you should try to keep in a meditative state the whole time. you could also try skrying, pendulum, or automatic writing. do not use a Ouija Board, no matter how tempting, it's a bad idea.
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