astral radar spell

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astral radar spell
Post # 1
Note that I have not fully refined this technique yet.

This spell enable the ability to sense spirits and beings within close range.
A quick warning is that I have found using this quite tiring.
For some this technique may be less or more tiring.
I learned this spell by reading it on the site but I managed to make it better and I hope to explain it better.
This spell works like a radar showing you where energy is.
This works faster and longer if you are sitting or laying down.

First to begin take two deep breathes(inhale for 15 seconds and exhale as slow as possible)next look at the area in the room you want to scan, remember exactly how it looks to the smallest detail.
Now slowly close your eyes and think about that image, look at it in your head, imagine it if you will.
Now pay attention to your eyes, dont open them but concentrate on how they feel for 3 seconds then focus on the image in your head again.
Now you need to focus on the blackness of your eyes and how they fell at the same time for 8 seconds.
Then hurry back to the image in your head.

Most important thing to remember is to never lose the image in your head, this is part of what makes this difficult because you must keep going back and forth from image to eyes 8 seconds each for at least 30 seconds.
If the blackness of your eyes brightens significantly that means a person or spirit was just there.
If it is super bright that means a person or spirit is there.
If you see a weak brightness it means someone or a spirit was there 1-3 hours ago.
I believe some people can become stronger with this spell, being able to see energy that is as much as a day old.
Make sure to not point your head in the direction of bright light as this may interrupt the process.
Your eyes must be in the direction of the area your trying to scan.
Please dont squint your eyes or rub them while trying this.

I myself can scan two areas of a medium sized room at once but im guessing how much you can scan is based on the person.
For me the light is white and sometimes light blue.

A great test is to scan your bed is it has a lot of energy from you.
Also try to scan your hand, it should be very bright and you may even see its base shape.
This spell worked for me on my third try.

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Re: astral radar spell
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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