From Ben The astral Lord

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From Ben The astral Lord
Post # 1
Astral Projection Technique:

Close your eyes
Imagine the world
See it in your mind
See it in your body
See it with all your might
And then you leave.
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Re: From Ben The astral Lord
By: / Novice
Post # 2

That's not a technique and that's not anything special anyway

Could have been written by a child also as it doesn't really explain anything at all as it's hardly that simple

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Re: From Ben The astral Lord
Post # 3
It is technically a technique, but it really doesn't help at all..
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Re: From Ben The astral Lord
Post # 4

A technique like that encourages mental focus and that often blocks the flow of energy, thus inhibiting one's ability to do much. There are plenty of techniques for astral projection, and everyone works differently with each, but focusing too hard is detrimental for most people. Using techniques that don't inhibit most of the general Magickal population would look something similar to this;

  • Close your eyes
  • Notice your breath
  • Breathe slow-normally
  • Feel the energy around you and within you
  • (use whatever technique you would like to enter a meditative or trance state)
  • Turn your awareness to your astral body
  • Slowly turn your awareness away from your physical body (the shift between consciousness is where many who are new have difficulty)

There is a theory that we exist in all planes at once, so projection is less of detaching from your physical body and more shifting awareness to one of your subtle bodies. Some people use the sensations of visions, using the roll out method, sinking into their own body, lifting off, and other things to aid them in shifting consciousness. For some, they are naturally able to consciously shift consciousness. For others, it could take years to learn. I personally find that being in a meditative or trance state allows for better connection to energy. The reason for this is because our conscious minds are linear, logical, analytical, categorical while our subconscious does not have that kind of singular focus or inhibition. Our subconscious is rooted in instinct, emotion, and abstract ideas, and other things.

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