Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!
Post # 1
I am new to this forum and am quite pleased with the quantity and quality of many of the spells listed here! I look forward to meeting new people, especially those with more experience in spell casting. I'm not sure if my following request goes against site guidelines and rules, but I am seeking a someone with experience in casting love spells, specifically the Return a Love spell and Eternal Love spell. Two weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me and it really came out of nowhere. Our relationship had been so strong and we have the greatest communication in the world, but he believed he needed to break up with me and move out in order to get his life together (neither of us has been able to find jobs that will allow us to be financially supportive of one another)and so that I learn to be independent. Unfortunately, he says he cannot answer whether he thinks we will be able to be together again or not. But I KNOW and FEEL that we were most definitely meant to be together forever; I know in my heart of hearts that he is the ONE. I was wondering if it would be possible for an experienced love spell caster to cast a spell to bring us back together quickly and that we may have eternal love for one another. Is there anyone willing to do this for me out of the goodness of their heart? Thank you from the bottom of my most loving and compassionate heart for the person who WANTS to do this for me! I will be forever grateful! May you be filled with love and light as I send my love out to each and every member on this site!
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Re: Hello everyone!
Post # 2
I also forgot to mention that I suffer from a severe chronic pain syndrome called Fibromyalgia, which I fear may be a curse from the first and only love spell I cast over 6 years ago, which ended up in the divorce of my first marriage. The reason I feel it may be a curse is because no one can really say what Fibromyalgia really is or how it's caused. There are many unknowns about this debilitating pain syndrome. Perhaps someone may be able to rid my body of this as well, which I would be SO HAPPY for! Much love to all!
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