Powerful Money Spell

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Powerful Money Spell
Post # 1
I am currently in a bit of a financial jam. With college ending for me this year and unemployment never being so high, it is hard to get a job. I can barely afford to pay off bills and feed myself these days, in fact today I got light headed and almost fainted from lack of eating over the past week, plus stress from coursework and was taken to hospital for checks. It gave me a real wake up call to how bad I am financially at the moment and I need help. Can someone be able to help me by suggesting a really good money spell, as well as a spell to help me get a job I really want and more importantly need to help me out, especially because I'm looking to move next year, and I won't be able to if I haven't the money.
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Re: Powerful Money Spell
Post # 2

I would suggest you start with mundane means. Budgeting, cutting excessive spending, and looking for a job, any job.

There are a few spells on here, the money jar (I think that is the name) is pretty good. I find it helps to write spells of this nature myself as everyone has different needs on this issue. Work up something small, perhaps with a green candle, some cinnamon, a red sharpy (the color doesn't matter), and a copy of the bill or bills. Most of this you can buy at the dollar store, the copy of the bill could be an older one. Write out the spell as you see fit, see yourself paying the bill off or at least the monthly due amount, write Paid with the sharpy (I like to use red for this, but whatever you have will work, even an ink pen). Either bury or burn (safety first) the bill and know that it will be paid on time.

This has helped me many times.

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Re: Powerful Money Spell
Post # 3
I would find a food pantry those are so helpful. I went to one and they asked very little questions and filled my kitchen up with amazing meats, fresh produce, breads of all kinds and a lot of canned fruits and vegtables. I was so thankful!

There are a lot of money spells online. Try one that you like. I wouldn't fire off too many at once because that could be crazy. lol.
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