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Other sites
Post # 1
What other sites has got good spells on that actually work? There are so many but I don't have a lot of experience to know what will work and what not. So please any help will be appreciated
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Re: Other sites
Post # 2
Medation and learn the basics spellwork is like anything else you most work for it practice makes perfect
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Re: Other sites
Post # 3
As above, learn the basics first. For example, Meditation, Grounding, Centering, Shielding, Visualisation and energy work. Mastering these will help you in spell casting and also, write your own spells. They're more powerful and generally work better, perhaps pull some information or look at some for ideas but write your own, they're best.

- Francis.
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Re: Other sites
Post # 4
well, the spells on here do work, some may not work if they are fantasy spells, but if you are looking for other websites just look into google and search wicca spells or search the specific type of spell and also in the search thing put in wicca spells or witchcraft spells or any other types of magick such as sorcery or alchemy spells. You could also look at your local library for magick books unless you are wanting to buy a book online such as on amazon or whatnot. But anyways if some spells you find hard doing I suggest you focus your intent, will, voice, energy and visualization in a spell, also visualization can mean feeling energy and or seeing in your mind what is going to happen on a spiritual level or a mental image of something. Also I suggest finding your inner power, but if you find your inner power you should also know how to not miss use it by not trying to use your power for evil or selfish reasons and to try not to feel too happy with your power, what I mean by that is that you should not go around cursing or putting spells on everyone just because you have power, instead you should use magick to improve your life and to protect yourself and use it for good purposes mostly, especially if you want to be a white witch, of course if you want to you can curse, but I suggest using your power for the greater good and for good purposes. Magick has improved my life and my lifestyle very good and I hope it does the same for you. And of course you can feel good and be happy with doing magick, just I highly suggest you don't get too happy if you know what I mean. Also I have suggested this to other people is that while doing magick remember to pray to whichever god or higher power you serve and get closer to the good spirits such as faeries, angels, the great spirit, and spirits of nature. faeries are very good in my opinion to pray to, they sprinkle spiritual dust on you that makes you feel love and happiness. I also suggest doing white magick spells to improve your life such as getting a job, blessing your home and such. Love spells have been said to be either good or bad depending on your beliefs. Some people believe love spells make people force peoples wills to make them love you. Some say it's a good opportunity to find love and get to know someone. Also good spells to protect yourself from evil spirits or from evil people are good to, or spells to ward off evil or spells to bind it. I suggest that curses are only for a last resort, such as a evil spirit or evil people keep on cursing you are trying to hurt you in any way and they just don't seem to give up on hurting you, that's when I suggest you curse them. I hope all of this has helped you! Blessed be!
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