Entering a circle casting

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Forums -> General Info -> Entering a circle casting

Entering a circle casting
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I've never had to cast a circle in a small space before but on the occasion in question it will be unavoidable. There will be sombody present during the ritual that I would normally keep with me within the circle however due to the lack of aforementioned space this might prove awkward. I believe I have two possible solutions. The first is to ask the person to remain outside the circle and the second would be to cut the person into the circle after casting it (and then out before closing the circle at the end). Which approach would be the best? I will be completely cleansing the entire space before commencing.
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Re: Entering a circle casting
By: / Novice
Post # 2
if they know what you're up to, i'd suggest asking them to avoid that area for however long you'll need. i've had to deal with opening the circle [normally because i forgot the ale just outside the circle ^_^;] it can be time consuming to say the least, but it takes more energy when you close it. personally, to be safe i go around the circle once after closing the hole i had to cut.

when i cast indoors, my family stays in their rooms, as well as the cat, until they need something, or they hear us talking normally [meaning we're not saying 'thank you Lord and Lady for the season' instead it's 'i ran into so-and-so the other day'] at which point they ask if they can let the cat out, or grab something from the kitchen, or whatever. just figure out what is best in your opinion, but if they know you're pagan and need to cast a circle, kindly ask them to avoid the area for an hour or so, since it's holy ground [similar to church] and you can't have people wandering through.
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Re: Entering a circle casting
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I will be doing the ritual for the person concerned in their tiny 1 room apartment so I can't really send them out. I'm just not sure if there could be any possible repercussions from leaving someone just outside the circle boundary for the duration. Having never been in this situation before I would welcome any advice, especially from someone that has been in a similar situation.
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