Strange Cat...

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Strange Cat...
Post # 1
My Mom goes to the cemetery quite often near our house and just drives around looking. She noticed, however, that there was a person that came to a grave everyday and just sat there on a stool for an extremely long time. After a while she started telling me about it and exclaimed her worry for the person who seemed to be an old man that was sitting at the grave in the sun on a 85 degree humid day! So the other day I decided to go with her because we were worried the old man might have been our neighbor and old family friend who lost his wife a year ago. We pulled up and there was our neighbor paying tribute to his wives grave but he wasn't the old man we were seeing... After a short period of time the old man, who we didn't know, pulled up and sat at the grave beside the one our neighbor 's wife was buried at. the old man walked over to HIS wives grave, which was littered with flowers and momentous and kissed his hand; rested that hand on the grave and sat at the stool beside it... It was heart wrenching but what really caught our attention was a White and blond fluffy thing sitting in the flowers on the grave... Me and my mom thought it was a stuffed animal till it moved! It was the most beautiful angora cat! It had the purest white fur I've ever seen and looked angelic almost. The cat walked over towards the man who petted it and it sat beside him on the stool. Our neighbor said that like the man, that beautiful cat was at the grave everyday. It never went home with him, he never fed it, it was not his cat yet it sat at that exact grave and stayed with the old man till he left day after day.
Can anyone tell there thought's on this? It has me and my mom stumped! I came up with the conclusion that perhaps it's her soul in that cat, reincarnated. or maybe she somehow is willing the cat from the afterlife? Or maybe it's just an EXTREMELY weird and odd coincidence? I'd love to her ideas and even experiences.
- Love, Macy.
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Re: Strange Cat...
Post # 2
I'd say it was a sign that the wife was okay and well where she was.
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