Past connection

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Past connection
Post # 1
I'm facing a dilemma where I keep having visions of me and one other soul. It feels as though I am having flashes of old memories that we once shared. It is concerning because it effects our current friendship. He is a dear friend. I only wish to better understand how we interacted in another life, to help explain what it is I'm experiencing now. There is a very deep connection on a spiritual level. Would you happen to have any advice? It would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Past connection
Post # 2
Hello. Talk to him. If he was lost, like connection honor him at his tomb. It helps me. I know you may not want to take advice from a 13 year old but trust me.
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Re: Past connection
Post # 3
I don't know exactly what situation you are in, but I can tell you about mine and hopefully you can use my experiences to make the right decisions for yourself. Both of these people were friends of the opposite sex that I shared a massive spiritual connection to bringing feelings much, much stronger than just friends.

Person 1: She was dating a good friend of mine. They broke up. We found each other and spent every second of every day together talking and enjoying life. It never became romantic as we felt we couldn't risk destroying what we had. She became lost and confused because she still loved my friend. I was leaving town to go to college and she couldn't handle being alone. When I did leave for college, she felt abandoned and went back to my friend. They are happily married with multiple kids as am I, but we cannot have contact with each other anymore because we feel we are betraying our current spouses because of the overpowering feelings. Her and my friend moved to avoid bumping into each other, not because anyone is upset or angry at anyone, but because we know the potential of getting lost in the spiritual connection and messing up our physical life.

Person 2: I can't explain too much of this one, but it led to both of us dropping out of college and destroying our lives. Neither of us was able to live our physical life because we were so busy living in the spiritual connection we shared. She is now married to the one person in my life that I have never been able to get along with no matter how much we had tried.

What to take from this? Keep yourself grounded here on the physical plane. If whatever is going on in the spiritual plane is going to potentially ruin your physical life, it isn't worth pursuing but is worth the heartache of losing them. My suggestion is to do some tarot readings on yourself and the situation to see of you should pursue whatever path it is you are contemplating. Also, meditate, tarot, however you must do it, find you life path and follow the roads with the different decisions you might make. This way you can choose which life you want to live and can pursue that path. Get help if you need it with the psychic stuff.
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Re: Past connection
Post # 4
Also, don't obsess or live in past or future lives. I would avoid this area with such strong feelings in the current life.
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Re: Past connection
Post # 5
I definitely understand the word of caution. I think it would be best to provide a little more detail on the specific situation. Soooo here it goes...
I met my friend almost four years ago in college. I will never forget this moment. We had a class together and started conversation during a 15 min break. At the end of the class an odd thing happened...he reached out to shake my hand. As we parted ways I remember us both turning back to watch as the other walked away. I didnt see him for two weeks after that and couldnt stop thinking about him... safe to say we became study partners and continued talking and getting to know each other better...
Meanwhile, over the years that I knew him, I never knew the depths as to where his spiritual life went. In my life path I was aware of "supernatural" but never meddled. So when we brought up such topics it never scraped past the surface. Little did I know what information would be revealed to me.
When you refer to tarot I'm sure you are familiar with the tower. That was the essence in which my life traveled almost a year ago. My life was uprooted. And my eyes were opened like they had never been before. It was as though 7 years of training and practice happened in a matter of weeks. I am open to sharing my story, but that is only the beginning to how my relationship with this individual changed.
I'm an open individual, and he was a good friend of mine, so it was only natural for me to share with him my testimony. This opened up a whole knew side of him that I had never seen before. He had apparently had exposure at a very young age that carried with him. Needless to say... the crack in the door led to a gaping hole.
He tries to live a normal life, which is completely understandable. But as my state of mind has changed... gifts have blossomed. I have learned that I have seer blood and natural ability for divination. These are growing strong now and I am experiencing things that are complex... many of which involve him.
Like I said, we are friends...not lovers. He and I do not physically touch. There are many walls built up and becoming more than friends really isn't an option...but some part of me feels as though I have memories being intimate with him. Multiple... and it causes strange feelings inside me. Its like I love him... but I dont love him... a piece of me loves him and will always love him... But it will never be. I know what he wants and what will make him happy... Im protective over him and have his best interests at heart. I would sacrifice without hesitation for his happiness. Though, his mindset is slightly different. He is interested in his goals and will do whatever it takes to meet them. Regardless of what might happen to me emotionally. That scares me because there is a level of betrayal. Whatever this is it is complex and I cant go a day without flashes being relieved. I'll be honest. This friendship has gotten so challenging for me that I have even tried to sever bonds with him. And it didnt work. It "feels" impossible. I suppose I believe that we met in past lives and helped each others as we are now. We teach each other new things. But there are many many layers. I assume you could see how this is frustrating. Bottom line, part of me would like to get past whatever it is I experienced prior to this life. I believe that whatever this vision is is meant for me to learn from. Be it about myself, him, or future experiences.
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