Do Wiccans Go to Hell?

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Forums -> Wicca -> Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
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Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I don't know if I should be doing Witchcraft anymore because in the long run, 100 years of Witchcraft isn't worth billions of years of suffering. That is if Wiccans go to Hell. Do they?

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
That depends on what you believe. And what your concept of hell is.

Personally, I don't believe so.

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
Post # 3

Wicca is not christianity. Thus to wicca religion Hell does not exist. In simple terms.

But like some wiccans who have come from christianity backgrounds worry about this.

Along to this many of us will come to know or relize that our future is based on our actions and not of the actions of accepting a Savior.

Just do good things, because things echo and the echo can last from this life time to the next.

And of wiccan belief fall the rede. And Harm none.

-Please Note I am Not Wiccan.-

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Hell is the place where those who rebel against Yahweh go when they die.

Since Wiccans do not worship Yahweh, Hell does not apply to us. While it might exist for those of other faiths, Hell does not exist for Wiccans. So to answer your question, no. Wiccans do not go to Hell.

But it might also be worth noting that witchcraft and Wicca are two different things.

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
Post # 5
Wiccans do not believe in hell. Hell is in fact a pagan thing that the early church stole. NO WERE in the original 'Old Testament'(Hebrew Bible)does it mention a concept of hell. Jews do not believe in hell. Wasn't Jesus a Jew? Yes, so JESUS didn't believe in hell.

This is the Wicca section not the Witchcraft section.

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
Post # 6
In the christian bible it's states that any practice or form of knownledge in the art's of witchcraft is a ultimate sin an will lead to you being damned but, that depend's on wether you belief it or not.

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
Post # 7
i live in a Christian home, so i hear a lot about it, but myself do not believe in it, and in my opinion, there is a lot more "evil" going on in that faith compared to wicca which has a stated peaceful reed. dont worry about going to hell. if hell does exist and for some reason everyone goes there but the christian, then i will gladly go chill with satin over god. this is my opinion and i dont mean to offend anyone.

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
By: / Novice
Post # 8

What would make you think Wiccans even care about a Christian concept? Personally I don't believe in any eternal resting place as I believe that death isn't forever so I have no thoughts of hell

If I go to hell then I'd rather go to hell as a Wiccan than heaven as a Christian anyway so I'll be taking my chances

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
Post # 9
As a witch, it doesn't mean you go to hell. If you do some good things it means you have nothing t5o worid. Ofcourse people are so stupid if they talking about witchcraft is an evil thing, they doesin't know how a witch is from beginning. Ofcourse you maybe heard about the story of witch but it doesn,t mean you are evil. there is many witch who did meny good things witch witchcraft, so long they don't play with someones life. Magic is not to play7. It use to do some good.

Re: Do Wiccans Go to Hell?
Post # 10
Remember. As a Wiccan, it doesin't send you top hell. Wiccan is a modern pagan, witchcraft religion. If you want to know about more of that. Just lock at this. Even if you are a Christian and using other power from another culture. But maybe you have to take it easy from saying to many people you doing some wicca. As you know there is always someone who always blain someone for become witch. And as you know. It's always men who start the fight and punish ontill they know what they did for wrong. But as you know, you will never be sending to hell for doing some wicca. Gud know you. Even if some people doesin't do that.

Here is the site if you want know more about the wicca, but not anything of this information is maybe correct. But just look and read for you self or seach after more information about that.

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