New to spell casting HELP

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New to spell casting HELP
Post # 1
Help! In an over zealous attempt to sweeten my ex to me, I accidentally overfilled my honey jar! Honey and some cinnamon that I had previously put in it spilled out the top when I put the lid back on. In desperation to save the honey, I poured it into a larger candle that I light along side of the jar as the honey was pouring out. I then couldn't light the candle because the honey covered the wick so I soaked up the honey, revived the wick and the candle is going strong as it usually does. The jar is still filled to the top but I had to wipe the mess off the jar and the candle. I've been working on this jar religiously for two and a half weeks and even started it on a full moon on a Friday, as I'm very determined to get this gentleman back in my life. I've been feeling confident about the jar but now I'm worried that the spilled honey will adversely affect the spell. The content (his pictures and mine or the petition) did not move or come out during the spillage because it happened when I had fixed the lid bak on the jar. During the remainder of the spell, I asked that the spill and the difficulty I had lighting the candle due to the honey represent the difficulties I've had with my ex and that the rekindled candle flame can represent the rebuilding process I am hoping to go through with him. Sorry this is so long but I suppose my biggest question is: should I toss this jar and start a new one? I truly appreciate your help!!!

Thank you!
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Re: New to spell casting HELP
Post # 2
Look for the attract him spell its really good if you have enough faith though and very quick n simple
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Re: New to spell casting HELP
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Frankly, I'd start a new one. The fact that the first one spilled might not itself adversely affect the spell, but the fact that you have doubts about it most certainly will. Personally, if I had any doubts whatsoever that my spell might prove ineffective because of something that accidentally happened, I'd simply start over again.
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Re: New to spell casting HELP
By: / Novice
Post # 4
If you think that the honey jar spell may have been compromised start again. If you don't believe in it 100% the spell will probably fail as a consequence.
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Re: New to spell casting HELP
Post # 5
Thanks I really appreciate all of your insight. The only reason I panicked is because I read stuff online about people starting new ones if some spilled out of the original. But the reason is spilled is my fault---I over filled the jar.

Should I pull the old pictures and petition out?

I'm kinda bummed I worked so hard on this jar. I also usually light two candles -- one on top and one along side (the one along side is the one that had honey on it too). Today it started melting in the shape of a heart -- I swear! This made me think that everything is okay with the spell. I felt like it might be a confirmation.
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Re: New to spell casting HELP
Post # 6
Ill have to look for an attraction spell--- if u know of one off hand let me know. Thanks again :)
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