magic with blood?

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magic with blood?
Post # 1
I was just wondering if anyone have ever tried a spell including blood? not the "dragon blood" they sell in some weird shops but real blood, your own blood or an animals blood or such.

this i just a formal question. i know that the vikings used body liquids such as blood or saliva to draw runes on your body to enhance your abilities. but anyways if you have done any kind of magic with it: what did you do? and did it work? :)

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Re: magic with blood?
Post # 2
Dragons blood comes from dragons blood resin and is found in a type of tree. Anyway yes blood can be used in magic. I have only used to empower a talisman, which worked fine, but i know it can be used to summon demonic entities. It can also be used for its complex symbolism in a spell.
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Re: magic with blood?
Post # 3
I use it with a mixture of herbs, my own that is, using it to empower talismans and amulets isn't uncommon, athames for instance used to be fed blood.
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Re: magic with blood?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I have used a drop or two of my own blood in doing magic.

I used some to empower a set of runes that I crafted. This, from what I have read, was traditional in Northern practices.

In addition, my patron Goddess is Sekhmet. In historical practice, blood was a traditional offering to this Goddess. When I asked her assistance in a healing ritual when my mother had open-heart surgery, I included an offering of several drops of my own blood to her.

Blood carries a bit of your personal life-force. So a drop of blood in a magical working is a sacrifice on your part of part of that life-force. This can be a very powerful adjunct to your magic.

For me, personally, I would not use blood from an animal or another person in my workings. The important thing in my magic is that my blood is a sort of sacrifice to the Gods that helps empower that magic.

Other paths are not so strict. For instance, in some of the African diasporic religions such as Santeria, animal sacrifice is a normal part of their rituals.
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Re: magic with blood?
Post # 5
hm, interesting. I've been thinking a little about making a spell to empower a wand I made out of juniper wood and now that it seems like blood is a good empowering tool; is there any specific gods to ask for good energies in return of blood? and is there any herbs you think would go well with this?

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