white witch?

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Forums -> Wicca -> white witch?

white witch?
Post # 1
So my christain grandma was talking about " white witches" or wiccans. She said that there magick comes straight from Satan himslf. What do you guys think on this?
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Re: white witch?
Post # 2
While it would be extremely hard to rebuttal a religious statement of a christian grandmother [i know.. i have one] and have her listen to and take seriously anything you say that disagrees with her.. This inst truth.
the bible itself is full of magic, performed by and for Christ and his followers. in first Corinthians chapters 12-14, Paul talks about "spiritual gifts" that are given by god which include: healing, miraculous powers, prophecy,distinguishing spirits, speaking different languages, and the ability to interpret different languages. [1corinthians 12:7-11]
these gifts and practices [which are the same ones that wiccans/"white witches" posses and/or practice] are all given from god.
now, your grandmother may say these people Paul was referring to in the new testament were "christians"/followers of Christ. they used their gifts to worship god. and she may make an argument that because wiccans [not all] dont believe in god and/or worship him that their power is "satanic". But this is taking a very closed minded and blind eye view [i mean absolutely no disrespect to your grandmother at all]
we cannot view the world [especially god, and spirituality] as black and white. we cannot simply say "if it is not of god then it is of the devil". this just simply isnt true. just because certain people, [born with or attained through study and practice] posses the same powers that Christians claim to have come from god, yet do not use them for the good of god.. that does not automatically mean they use them for evil.
and furthermore we can not just assume because these gifts are not being used in god's name that they are consequently being powered by satan.
im not saying satan has no funding in the supernatural gifts that some people possess.. just that it is unfair, and prejudice to label an entire group of people as "satanic" because they are not followers or worshipers of the christian god.
especially a group of people such as the wiccans, who actually practice a loving and respectful form of magic. [most]

just my personal thoughts :)
[your grandmother would love my memaw]

peace and love
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Re: white witch?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Well what I think of this is that you're offending me by speaking of Wiccans as either 'White witches' or that they work with Satan

Wiccans are not any color of witch and those terms are also racist in a sense plus most Christians have almost no knowledge on Pagan religions (Unless of course she actually spent time learning about them but I highly doubt she has) so I wouldn't listen too much to her

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Re: white witch?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
those views are faith based, not fact. she's been taught that any type of witch/wiccan/pagan gains their power from dark forces. the reality is that not all do, especially Wiccans. Wiccans are rather peaceful and do not wish to harm. the source of all magick isn't from Satan, it comes from energy found in nature. What you need to understand is Satan isn't a universal concept, it's a Christian concept, and strength is drawn from things one believes in. Wiccans do not have an all powerful evil god or an all powerful good one either. Satan's christian, and you need to judge anothers beliefs from an atheist, or non-bias point of view. determining a faiths worth by comparing it to your own, or starting off with predetermined notions, will always yield negative results.

i'm not trying to insult your grandma or anything, many people are like this, i even know people like this. while they're not close minded individuals, some are convinced of certain things and cannot be persuaded to abandon them. in cases like this, just agree and move on.
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Re: white witch?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Your Grandmother reflects and attitude that is typical of her generation and what they learned from their church teachings.

Wiccans do not get their power from Satan. We don't even believe that there is an evil entity out there who is trying to trap us into doing anything wrong. A Wiccan believes that the ability to do magic is a gift to us from the Gods, but our Gods are not the God of Christianity. Wiccans are no more evil than the average Grandmother is evil. We're just people who have a different religion.
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Re: white witch?
Post # 6
the answer is NO. And disrespect to your grandmother, but she has practiced magic before, as an example making a birthday wish and it comes true, putting up and decorating a Christmas tree, even just hoping for a good day and it turns out as the best day ever.... its all because of magic. the true definition of the word witch means " wise or a person of wisdom" and it depends on what dictionary you use.
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