first spell of servitor

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first spell of servitor
Post # 1
i'm about to attempt a servitor spells. anyone tips on what to do?
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Re: first spell of servitor
Post # 2
Bind your servitor to a sigil, so that if things get out of hand it will be easier to destroy. Should it become too weak it will either fade away or be useless, in which case it will need to be destroyed. Should it become too powerful, it may stop working for you and cause disaster in your life, or try to control you.

If that happens, just burn the sigil.
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Re: first spell of servitor
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
have a good reasoning for making one.
Servitors aren't really made through spells, a sigil as mentioned is better suited.
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Re: first spell of servitor
Post # 4
put very strong intent in your servitor and bind it to the intent so it may never go wild. you may also bind it from becoming more powerful then yourself so it won't harm you.
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Re: first spell of servitor
Post # 5
I have found that if treated right, a servitor will act right. If you kick it around and treat it like a slave and it's a very thoughtful servitor, it isn't going to take your ignorant, arrogant behavior. And I personally think that anyone who treats a sentient being, whether they created it or not, with such disrespect deserves the same disrespect.

I've had a servitor "go wild", "become more powerful", "break off from me", etc, however he never attacked me, even though he began as a highly violent, highly destructive individual that I named Runihura, which means Destroyer. I never treated him or my lesser servitors as beneath me, and they never tried to hurt me. Runihura even changed himself into a wholly new form, but was obviously my creation.

As for the use of sigils, I've heard it's safer, but Runihura existed after the sigil I made on a stone rubbed off, but at this point, he was already free of me. I would also like to say, burning it can "lock" the sigil in place, as this was Spare's way to cause the sigil to happen as it was intended by using the sigil with the subconscious. Consider things carefully before you do them Klogg.

I concur with the use of energy working rather than a spell however.
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