Spirit Animal

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Spirit Animal
Post # 1
Hello, im trying to find my spirit animal but I dont no how. can any one help or suggest somthing? --Blessed Be
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Re: Spirit Animal
Post # 2

I can!

You need to have a few things first.

  1. An Open Mind
  2. At Least Some Experience In Meditation
  3. Able To Visualize
  4. Optional-Have Books Of Natural Scenery.

This is a mixiture of Shamanism, Wicca and Druid, Celtic beliefs. Not everyone believes in spirit guides/Spirit Animals. So to that I am unsure if by that if everyone has one.

But anyways. The way I found my Spirit Animal is by First Trying to invite Him or Her to My dreams. I looked through multple books from mountians to oceans and more. To expand my dream realm Areas. This did help. And then again did not.

I did not met them. But I felt like I was sending a vibration that I did want to meet them.

If you are skeptical about the "Spirit Animal" Please wait till you have faith in them.

Alrighty, So get into a meditation posture.

I'd imagine being in this gold field filled with wheat. I see this long road ahead of me. I walk. And walk and walk. I made it to the white mountains. And as I near the end of the path. I am infront of this HUGE cave.

Right at the enterence there is a a jar of fireflies. You can use whatever ever light source to use in the cave. I just like the fireflies. And after that begin walking in the cave,

After a few you will hear or see something be careful. Be respectful !

Speak to them. And let them speak to you.

Ask them if they are meant to help or do something with you.

Once you are done Bow or give any respects you believe is needed and return out of the cave and head back the field ./

End your meditation. And record your experience!

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