I need some help

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I need some help
Post # 1
Im having a very difficult time about worrying over everything, in this case it gets so bad That it haunts my memory and I have nightmares alot because Of it I just need to stop and If somebody could do something where it gets rid of all the negativity from my body it would help a lot sometype of spell or anything. I'm a beginner so i don't know all of everything or too much something to do with some sort of love spell, not like a huge one something small I'd help anybody out if they needed some!
if you could please help me you would make my day so much better!
Message me or Comment with any anwsers ASAP!
message me dancerakm
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Re: I need some help
Post # 2
I would try a memory spell, to loose the memory, a warding off spell etc. or just advise you to see a psychologist.
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Re: I need some help
Post # 3
I would just close your eyes take a deep breath and think to your self I'm only going to live once and there's no point in being up set. Some times I think people need to simply center them self and calm down have some you time no one else. Ok hope you take my advice kiddo have a nice one.
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Re: I need some help
Post # 4
I'm not sure of your techniques or your knowledge of... well anything, so I would suggest meditation the most. Also try to ground your bad emotions, thoughts, worries etc into the ground (Mother Earth) I.e. while sitting on the ground outside, taking your shoes off while sitting in a chair and letting your negative energies flow into the ground or sitting with your back against a tree and feel the tree drawing the negative energy out of you, purifying it and dispelling it as positive energy in the form of oxygen. The safest way to deal with negitive energy is to come to terms with it, learn from it and turn it into positive energy. I agree that you may want to seek professional help to deal with it in a healthy manner. If the above mentioned don't do the trick then reply back on here and I will help you create a powerful custom spell if you would like. May your heart, mind and soul know peace and love.
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Re: I need some help
Post # 5
I would do a couple of things, but first before you think it's something magick attacking you either that or something supernatural, metaphysical, or bad luck I would suggest you find your center, calm your heart chakera and help flow your chakras and help strengthen them and strengthen your aura, I would also suggest finding your happy place and meditate I can teach you meditation if you would like. Also I would stop worrying so much and hang out with friends, good friends, also talking to someone more than worrying, then once you are alone meditate and surround your aura with light and or just go to a higher being for help, even if it's just prayers. Also you should see your psychologist, but if that doesn't work it may be magick, I would suggest a binding spell, warding off spell and a protection spell. I would also cleanse your house and banish any negative spirits you may have conjured through a higher being whether it's spells or prayers. Remember prayers are also good for increasing magick even though it's not magick it's honoring, serving, and giving praise to the gods. I would suggest a prayer to the gods closest to you then do a spell,you should give honor and thanks to the gods, give some sort of worship to the gods as well, just give a little offering to the gods maybe incense, I would also pray and worship the gods and welcome them into your house and do a house blessing. I would also suggest you perhaps take some sort martial art class, they teach you how to meditate, discipline yourself and channel your worries into exercise. Another option is just exercising at home or exercise at a exercising gym, that might help you to, you can channel your emotions and thoughts into physical activity. Even going for a short walk and looking at nature helps. Life (nature) always makes us happy. Did you know that the wicca symbol is in fact seen in nature? Such as when you cut a apple in half you see a star, sometimes pumpkin flowers look like a star. Even a type of fruit looks like a star. So yeah, also the elements water, earth, air, fire and spirit are seen all throughout nature, so admire the life that was put on the planet. Mother earth will welcome you in open arms!
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Re: I need some help
Post # 6
Sounds like an anxiety disorder, might want to check with a therapist or a doctor on this one.

Have you tried an aura cleansing? It is a meditative and visualizational exercise that gets rid of the negativity that may be attached to your subtle bodies. You should definately give it a try. Also, meditation in general is a good way to calm yourself down. Anything that can clear your mind and help you to focus on anything other than your worries is a good thing.

Fear can be a destructive force in our lives, it can rule over us and crumble even the strongest of us to pieces. I believe you are strong and can overcome this.
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Re: I need some help
Post # 7
I'm new to and I experienced this same problem just ground yourself and let all your extra energy flow away and calm your mind and meditate if that. Didn't work it might not be something magik so you should go see a doctor
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Re: I need some help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
We all have a tendency to drag negative thoughts and energies around with us every day. It's like a load we carry on our backs, each day growing heavier until one day it just seems like too much effort to even keep going. The solution is of course to rid ourselves of this negativity before it gets too big to deal with.

There are probably as many ways to shed negativity as there are Witches who need to do it. Some of them may be quite complex. Some of them are very simple.

One method I have used is a purification bath or shower. For the bath I add a handful of sea salt to the bathwater, and perhaps a few drops of sandalwood oil. As I soak in the bath I feel my cares and burdens wash away, running eventually down the drain and far away from me.

Even simpler is just to stand under the shower, close my eyes, and let the water wash away all of the negativity around me as it flows over me. (Remember that running water is a powerful cleansing tool of itself.) The water and the negativity eventually run down the drain and return to the Earth where it is purified.

Another method I have used is to pick up a pebble from the ground. As I hold it in my hands I visualize all the negativity inside of me as a dark mass. Then I use my own energies to "push" the negativity down through my arms and hands and into the pebble. When I feel that I have removed the negativity from myself and placed it in the pebble, I toss the rock over my shoulder and walk away...even better if you can drop the pebble into running water such as a stream or river.

Another useful exercise is to set aside time every day for a small ritual. Light a stick of incense to place on your altar and thank the Gods for five good things that happened to you that day. They don't have to be big or important things. It might be something such as thanking them for seeing a beautiful sunrise. The idea is that this reminds you that there is something good which happens to you every single day.

There are numerous meditations that one can find to help deal with negavity. One that I particularly like comes from the book "Mother Wit" by Diane Marie Child.

Shedding The Cloak of Negativity:

Relax, deepen and protect yourself. Here in this space out of time you are becoming conscious of the garment you are wearing, a cloak, a heavy black cloak. The dark, hooded robe is the cloak of your negativity. It symbolized all the negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences you carry with you. Feel the heaviness of it. Become aware of the texture and the feel of the cloth. Feel the weight on your shoulders, your whole body cloaked in negativity and despair. (Pause about one minute)

And now become aware that the cloak is gradually lifting up and away from your body and with it your negativity and despair. Now the cloak has vanished.

And your attention isw drawn to a fountain, a foutain of light, an incredible fountain of light. And the shimmering light is bubbling up and spilling over. A shower of light, a shower of stars, thousands of tiny stars, is streaming down upon you. The whole space is filled with a brilliant glow.

And you realize that you are gowned in a new garment, a sheer translucent cloak of light woven from the stars. And you are wearing this robe of love, joy, and protection. Wear it now and always. When you are ready, drift up and back to your waking reality filled with light and love.

Now getting rid of negativity once is great..but it tends to come back again. We pick it up at work or at school and we track it into our homes like mud on our feet. So it is a good idea to be aware of the negativity we are bringing hone with us and get rid of it before we come into our home.

I used to have a very stressful job that was causing me problems because I would bring it home with me every night. I decided that it would be a good idea to leave all that stress at work. So at the end of my day I would visualize all that stress and negativity sitting on my shoulders, and I would physically lift it up and place it on my desk, telling it that it needed to stay there and I would come back the next day for it.

Another way of leaving the stress and negativity outside of your home is to use the pebble exercise I mentioned earlier. Or to simply lay your hands on some object outside your home and push the negativity into it. (Warning, don't do this to a living object such as a tree or shrub..the negativity can kill them.)

And since over time some negativity WILL manage to get into your home, I recommend a periodic cleansing of your home. Smudging with a sage wand is a good way of doing this (But do be aware that the smell of burning sage can be mistaken for the smell of marijuana and neighbors might talk!). Personally I like to use a cleansing solution of water, sea salt, and a bit of lemon juice. It smells fresh and clean and does a good purification job. You can also burn a black candle, seeing the negativity absorbed as the candle is consumed.

These are but a few ways to rid yourself of negativity. I would also suggest combining these ideas with my affirmation exercise since negativity is basically a faulty way of thinking about ourselves.
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