A question, need Answers

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A question, need Answers
Post # 1
Excuse me for such a harsh introduction but I've come to this like-minded community in search of an answer to a deep question. Before we begin, I understand there are multiple answers and none can be sure of theirs. Mind you if you are sure of it -- I appretiate the confidence.

Q: I have sought out many a spiritulists, seers, readers, ranging from the expert to aspiring begginer, the friend with a set of tarot to the carnival with crystal readers. Yet an odd coincidence occurs on every time I ask for their insight; I am denied, again and again from simple excuses as "I'm too tired" to the lavicious "It's beyond my power". My question is...why? for what reason could this odd denial happen to me each time. Be it I ask first, or wait till a friend has had one the outcome is the same.

Insight: This quest spans the course of 7 years now since I became interested in the arts. The denial comes before even I can ask my questions. Theres some things about my family's past that my mother has dabbled in that I need some insight into - My father is a skeptic and he can confirm the events that have occured.

Understand even a skeptic can become disturbed when an occurence like this happens each time, its a worry now.
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Re: A question, need Answers
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I think this is a very good question and it points out the real dangers of not learning correctly. There are mutiple answers. Of course no one answer is going to cover every person. First, most of them are fake. Remember Sturgeon's Law: ninety percent of everything is manure. Second, of those that pass the manure test most have no real training. I found this a lot with spiritualist and psychics. It takes time to develop good practices under a good teacher. It takes even longer if you are doing it on your own. If the person who is doing the work you are looking for is trying to use their own power instead of subjugating the ego, balancing the elements and learning to access the collective unconscious it is no wonder they are worn out or think things are beyond their power. Most people do not have the dedication to do that kind of work. Those that do typically don't advertise it.

Obviously I am speaking generally. You will have to determine how the people you have met fit into this. Discernment and discrimination are the first virtues that are (supposed) to be learned on the magical path.

As always just my humble opinion.


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