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Post # 1
On the last new moon I began a spell. I was able to complete the portion of the spell that was required that night. However, this spell called for the caster to meditate and visualize each night following until the candle was burned out. I was able to do this for about 5 nights, but the candle was only about half way. At that point (from unrelated sources) I became aware of a family member who is dying and will be on hospice for the next week. I have been unable to complete the spell each night due to my now crazy schedule. Once I had more things under control and was ready to resume (which I'm not even sure I can do) I became very sick. I am now finally feeling well enough to practice, but I am afraid I will need to start over. I know the spell was powerful since the day after I cast the major portion some of what I asked was brought to me. I need to finish this, but am unsure if it is wise to continue after such interruption or if I should wait until the next new moon and begin again.

Any thoughts?

- V
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Re: Interuption
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Your illness was most likely caused from you attempting to continue the spell so soon after so much stress and, from having medical issues myself I must assume, physical exhaustion from having such a packed schedule. Being so drained of energy, and then attempting to hop straight back into a spell, could have caused you physical harm.
A.) If you haven't finished the candle, I would rest until you feel you are completely back to normal, rested health, and then attempt to proceed. If after proceeding, the spell still does not carry out the way it is supposed to, see below, B.)
B.) If you did finish the candle in your fatigued state, I'm sorry to say, I would probably either redo the whole spell, or get another candle and redo the meditation for the full length of the candle, as specified.
If you could message me the spell, I could better determine if the spell needs to be redone, or if the candle was more like a "sacrifice" type of use. (Meaning, if there was nothing done specifically to the candle in the spell, its role in the spell was, most likely, to ensure you gave/sacrificed a specific amount of time to the spell in meditation, as a means of giving for what you receive.)
Please let me know if I can be of further help.
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Re: Interuption
Post # 3
ill give you some advice.

normally if yoyu have ANY doubt at all that your spell wont work itll grow into a full blown disbeleif. thats why i prefer to use sigils and let my subconscious take over and for my skeptical "conscious mind" to leave my spell alone. so the best idea is to start over.
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