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Mirror Spell
Post # 1
I need mirror spell on necklace ummm i everyday wear necklace of Amon Ra so i wanna cast mirror spell on it i wanna protect my self from people who send their bad thoughts and desires toward me and i wanna that they were punished for their wickedness too so please tell me how to cast spell...........
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Re: Mirror Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I suggest merely an enchantment for protection, rather than vengeance. Not sure how to do this in the name of amon ra, but if it's an image of a deity you wear regularly, it should probably be done in that gods name...

My methods involve adding sigils for protection to the metal when forging it, running electricity through them, and utilizing strength of will to direct it's cause as a protective object.

I tend to find they are the most effective when you make them yourself with the intention of being used for a particular purpose. If this isn't possible, regular use is helpful, and you mentioned using it regularly, so this will be fine. It's also generally stronger if you already have some connection to the object.
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Re: Mirror Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Maybe you could try a protection pouch, but when making it, specify that you want any harm sent towards you to be sent back to the sender. Which means you'd basically be combining three spells together. A protection spell, a "Back to Sender Spell", and a Karma spell (Which is similar to the Back to Sender spell, but ensures that you get vengeance via the Law of Three.) Once made, you would need to carry the pouch on you at all times (i.e. in a wallet, discrete pocket of your purse(if you have one), in your pocket, or around your neck, etc.)
You will need to do research on herbs to use for protection, shielding, and warding off, and look through this site's Ward off/"Back to Sender" spells and Karma Spells, to see which ones seem legitimate and which ones of those will fit easily in with the protection Pouch spell.
Feel free to message me if you need help, I'm almost always on or can be available quickly.
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Re: Mirror Spell
Post # 4
try ing the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
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