chemicals in rituals

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chemicals in rituals
Post # 1
Ok, so when i was a kid I always used to love how in cartoon when a character performs a spell the colors of the candle lights change. I forgot this when i started my serious magical training but i have come across a technique used by some which involves adding various chemical salts to a flame to change its color in the setting of a magical ritual. What I am wondering is whether the actual energy from the chemical salts would disrupt the flow of the spell or if it should be ok as long as the colors correspond to the intent of the spell and/or put me in the right meditative mood.
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Re: chemicals in rituals
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The first thing I would look in to is to find out if the vapors given off by the burning of such salts are safe to be inhaled. Remember, safety first.

As far as if it will disrupt the effects of the spell, it might. You would need to know what chemicals are being released. Then you can look up the qualities of the chemicals and see if they are in harmony with the effect you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to do something, for example, to bring peace to a relationship but you bring in a corrosive material to change the color flame, or you produce one by burning the material, then that might not be bad.

Anything could have an effect on the outcome of your work. Do your research.


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Re: chemicals in rituals
Post # 3
I do not know the precise link but somewhere on the site there is an article on what chemical burns to which color it was a text relating to fireworks I think not sure.
Burning chemicals is not adviced, dangerous etc
In magick one thing you want to do is keep your health.
Perhaps a chemistry teacher would have some tips for you, not on the magick side but on the practical side, safety etc
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