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need answer
Post # 1
after meditating I always feel want to sleep, my body don't want to move....?
If I focus in my hands I can feel something(maybe energy) in my hands
I try to see aura so i follow this
and trying every time i'm free but I always see white color.I try to look at long at I can but still white...the longest time I do it is kinda 10-15s....
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Re: need answer
Post # 2
So, let me clarify this. You're saying that after meditation you feel stiff and unable to move, but you feel tingling in your limbs? And, you've attempted to see them with the perspective of a third eye or sixth sense and all you see is white?
From my point of view, it sounds more as though you were still for so long that you're going numb, or that your limbs are beginning to fall asleep. You might possibly have poor or slower blood circulation - exercising a little before meditating could easily solve this problem. A handful of jumping jacks, or climbing stairs a few times.
As for the white, if you're seeing white blank out your whole line of vision - it's possible that your eyes are just blanking out for a moment. When one stands up too fast, moves too suddenly, or tries to concentrate too hard when they were out of motion for an extended period of time they often experience something where their eyes stop working for a small second as blood flows too quickly through the part of the brain that controls your eyes. Something similar would be the vertigo feeling you get when standing up too fast.
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Re: need answer
Post # 3
and 1 more thing.I trying to call spirit animal.nothing happen.but I keep seeing a bug near the place i sleep.If i kill it after a while or tomorrow i still can see the same kind of bug near it my spirit animal or just because of my imagination...and sorry for my bad english :D
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Re: need answer
Post # 4
The bug may just live well where you keep seeing them, or they may be a kind of spirit guide for you. If you know what kind of bug it is, do some research. If it seems like the symbolism, or attributes of this bug can be applied to your situation or your life, it may very well be a spirit guide of yours.
Spirit guides show themselves in their own time. Basic meditation and visualization just to do it would open the mind to receiving images/messages of your spirit guide.
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