2 spell casting questions

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2 spell casting questions
Post # 1
I am trying to win my four childen back in a court case from child protective services to whom I lost my parental rights for, for being with the wrong person but since have changed my life I am in a lesbian relationship now and I have the decision going before the appeal court now and I was wondering what spells I should use? Because there are many unknown people (people who make anonymous calls) and always new people (workers being switched and new laywers) popping up on the oppossing side. I am also fighting for my new born who was taken from me and my girlfriend from child protective services based on the fact that my other children were taken from child protective services before and the donor is the same father as the last three children the first born is from a different relationship. I go to court for the newest baby may 3rd I need a spell that works to help stop me from losing the case with my son. I NEED HELP SOME ONE DIRECT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION PLEASE. I just want my babies back I love my children.
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Re: 2 spell casting questions
Post # 2
ask the white goddess for her power. create a ritual. and if you wanna make it really powerful use the cooralated hour day and moon phaze.
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Re: 2 spell casting questions
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Wow this is a tough situation, sorry to hear about it. I want to start off by saying I hope this ends well for you and the person who is also battling for custody rights as well (because no matter what you both deserve to be happy). And I also want to say there is no wrong person.

As for spells, spells about luck in legal matters are perfect for this situation. Good luck spells, spells to promote other's understanding and patience as well as your own are good ones to try. I hope you and all others around you are satisfied with the outcome :)
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Re: 2 spell casting questions
Post # 4
I'm the only one fighting for custody for my children no one else is. Thank you for your help. So a good luck spell and an understanding and patience spell? Is there anything specific I need for these spells or a time to do them like a certain moon phase?
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Re: 2 spell casting questions
Post # 5
I had my son taken from me and I fought for 6 years alone and won. Just a piece of advice - you may not want to let the judge know you're in a lesbian relationship. They are not SUPPOSED to discriminate but they do. I've seen it. Good luck
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