Hey guys I have a questio

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Hey guys I have a questio

Hey guys I have a questio
Post # 1
I have a question. :3 (I'm sorry if this isn't on the right board.)

I'm pretty new here, and I never learned magic before but I want to.

How did you guys get started on learning magic? Was it hard or easy? Can anyone learn magic or does it have to be passed down like certain magics do?

Thank you!!
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Re: Hey guys I have a questio
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Hey guys I have a questio
Post # 3
You start by studying and researching, and then practicing. its kind of hard getting started because there is so many different sources. Just start by looking for knowledge. Reaserch spells, spirits, rituals, meditation, different religous paths and their magical side. Learn about the rules of magic and the basis that is the backbone of our workings. In a spiritual way that is what magic is about, the search of true knowledge. And with knowledge comes power. That is where the practical side of magic begins. Anyone can learn magic and it is not passed down.
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Re: Hey guys I have a questio
Post # 4
some magicks are indeed passed down, but many others can be learned with practice. though i am no expert as to the fact that i have also just started, i do know a bit about magick and can inform you that there are many books such as encyclopedias on magick as well as simple beginner spells for practice throughout the world which are very helpful. wish i could be a bit more helpful, but i do what i can. now on a more personal note, without any teachers or said books, my learning experience of magick is fairly limited and has at times been considered moderately difficult. but remember, if ever you want to hold the secrets of magick, don't give up, don't fall into scams, and, word to the wise, don't cut yourself off from the world okay. spend at least some time in the "natural" world each day.
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Re: Hey guys I have a questio
Post # 5
Thank you both! I'll do what you guys said, and I'll borrow some books from my local library about it, and I'll look up online websites about it too.

Thanks so much again!
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