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Post # 1
How does this appear on your profile? Will it just show up after you have been posting on the site for a certain period of time?

Re: Reputation
Post # 2

To get a reputation, members ranked either "Knowledgeable" or "Adept" vote individually for your rank. The more votes for higher ranks you get the higher your ranking is.

Their are 5 ranks:

  1. Fluffy (Is invisible to most members)
  2. Beginner (Blue)
  3. Novice (Light Green)
  4. Knowledgeable (Green)
  5. Adept (Dark Green)

Re: Reputation
Post # 3
the fluffy thing is stupid...everyone has heir own right to believe in what they want

Re: Reputation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Yes, everyone has the right to believe what they want. They have to understand however that people will oppose their beliefs and tough luck to them, the other party has just as much of a right to question them. Same goes for ranking, if it appears fluffy to someone who can rank, they can rank it fluffy.

Re: Reputation
Post # 5

Not everyone is ranked fluffy. Most people don't even have ranks. The fluffy think is not about belief. It's about what's proven true and what's impossible while refusing to accept the fact they don't know something and the lack of ability to learn.

The following is a list on why you would be labeled a fluff:

  • You won't listen and thinks you are rightabout everything.
  • You say you can transform, fly, teleport, etc.
  • You say you are a mythical creature or any being.
  • Saying you know something you don't
  • And maybe a few more.

Plus never ask for a rank because if you do you might be marked fluff depending on who you talk too. Post in the forums and join a coven to share your knowledge and ask questions to earn one. If you care for no rank, but have one you can let it be and ignore it or you can try and ask someone to rank you down. Keep in mind not to argue with other beliefs for that can lower your rank and be respectful to others for what they believe in. We have multiple paths that are apart of the occult wether it be celtic, norse, wicca, your own belief system (maybe you are eclectic or have no path), etc. The number of paths are endless for new ones might be created as long as they have support and facts to believe in it.

Re: Reputation
Post # 6
Thank you, this helped. However i didnt intend on sparking a little argument :)

Re: Reputation
Post # 7
I recently got Novice ranking
The problem is it was on the wrong profile
I got gagged for stretching a hello to a fellow coven member
Without a warning.Then two days later after I made this profile my old one got

Re: Reputation
By: / Novice
Post # 8

Magickin, you keep responding to forum posts that have been dead for years . Often times the original poster isn't even a member of the site anymore. Why? It's rather frustrating to be seeing these old forum posts, just to realize that there is no real use in responding to them.

Re: Reputation
Post # 9
They are new topics to me :)
I'm scanning the threads to see what I missed
The great news is if it bothers you you can feel free to pass the threads up..

Re: Reputation
Post # 10

If you have a problem with a ranking, take it up with a moderator in mail. It's not like we can do anything about it.

There are pinned threads explaining ranks. It's better to look and comment on those than bringing a thread back to life that's been dead for a couple of years.

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