Casting A Circle...

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Casting A Circle...
Post # 1
Well, I have been studying magic and the occult for about 2 years now... and I believe it is about time for me to get into a more physical state of practice.. And i just wanted to know how you guys all cast your circles.. also your experiences while casting them. Also if you have any tips or do's and dont's please share.

Blessed Be & Much Luv
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Re: Casting A Circle...
Post # 2
I used to cast circles fairly often. When I did so, I was a bit overly dramatic and ritualized, because it helped me to get into a higher state of consciousness by operating in that fashion.

Firstly, I would take all the tools I intended to use in my ritual, and place them in the center of the circle. I did this so that I wouldn't be forced to break my circle to get something, or to stop in the middle of my circle casting because I forgot item number 26.

Please note, the following is a description of a full out circle for me. I used various shorter forms which included what is inside the description.

When outside, I would place 5 tiles on the area I wanted to use (I always used the same spots, and sometimes left the tiles in place if I intended to perform the ritual over a period of several days. I would then place 5 plates on the titles, then 5 bowls on the plates, and five stones on the plates associated with the particular element of the bowl, plate, and tile. (Each bowl, plate, and tile was marked with a sigil smeared with my blood.) I then would place a candle in each bowl, attach a stick of incense to each candle, toss some salt into the bowl, and fill it with water to slightly below the lip of the candle. I would take several large stones/crystals, and place three, going in a counterclockwise fashion usually, between each of the four tiles, making a circular pattern.

Then I would walk around the circle with a bag of dirt that I would sprinkle/pour in a circular fashion around this circle, until it was all gone. I would go around lighting all the incense, then all the candles, and so forth.

When I got done, it was a massively large effort, that usually took about 45 minutes to set up. Which is usually why I did the whole thing only on highly important matters, or whenever it felt like it was necessary. Sometimes I simply used the tiles, bowls, and plates, sometimes I just used the dirt, sometimes I just used the stones, other times I used different combinations of them.

It really depends on what you have available. But unless you want to kill the grass, I wouldn't use salt to make a circle outside. There is a reason why enemies in times of war would burn down homes and salt the ground. ;)
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Re: Casting A Circle...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
A simple and easy way is to use the LBRP. Or, you can use the invoking version (LIRP) to open and the banishing (LBRP) to close. It works well, establishes a temple/circle, and opens the quarters.

As you progress, you may want to do an opening that is more formal according to your tradition.


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