strange dream

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strange dream
Post # 1
Ok in my dream I am going to a party I think it has to do with a wedding. But it is being held in a room that is under another room where I believe a funeral is being held, I see people that I know and ones that I don't. Also in the dream I want to say that it is like a home movie that we start to watch it starts out looking out the door of a house and there is a Buffalo in the yard and it looks to be messing things up. What in the world could all this mean?
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Re: strange dream
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Not knowing any background details of yours, this can be difficult to do. Here are a couple of questions I would ask myself if I had that dream:

1. Is there an upcoming wedding soon?

2. Is the one of them (bride or groom) wanting to have the wedding before a beloved grandparent passes?

3. Are they worried about a family member embarrassing or messing things up?

If none of these apply then I would look into the definitions of the different characters, places, people and dont forget to think about the last thing you watched or did before bed since this seems to influence our dreams as well.

I have worked out problems I was having with just about every one of my favorite tv shows lol

Anyways hope this helps

Blessed Be and Belssed dreams

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Re: strange dream
Post # 3
No nothing like that recently but when my hubby and I did move our wedding date up a week for his dad, he was very sick and I know my dad was not real happy about me getting married. But all if that was 15 years ago.
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Re: strange dream
By: / Novice
Post # 4

If there is no up coming weddings for anyone in your family or closest friends then I would look into past issues. Maybe you are still having some unresovled issues from a past one (do not just think back on yours, it could have been someone elses).

I see weddings as a sign of commitnent/beginning, funerals as a sign of finalization/ending, and the buffalo as a trouble maker/ chaos.

Obviously this is all just my opinion and non of this is based on any facts. But if you think it is a sign then I would look into any close relationships that may be becoming chaotic ending.

This is only my ventored guess, for all we know you could have seen 2 weddings and a funeral resently and it some how became strude in your dream.

I only state what is an obvious opinion to what it could be about since I know nothing of your background.

Anyways, I am just rambling at this point.

Blessed be.

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