demon/ ghost attacks

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> demon/ ghost attacks

demon/ ghost attacks
Post # 1
Ok I feel bad cuz the last thread I posted was about ghosts but there's not many places that have people who believe in them :/

Ok so let's sum it up for everyone. My family is basically like a ghost/ paranormal magnet. We have ghosts and demons who've attached themselves to us. ( an imp is attached to me and a larger demon is most likley attached to my eldest sister or my mom maybe)
Our cat died mysteriously a week or so ago and now my grandmother suddenly had a stroke. Ok I know it could be a coincedence but I have no way of knowing so. Can somebody reccomend me a spell or way to help find out if its the demons doing this?
And no I'm not using a ouji board!

Btw yes we do get paranormal activity such as: feeling of being watched, figures appearing, doors opening and simple this such as that but these eventsjust seem a bit too weird to be normal. So help is appriciated!
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Re: demon/ ghost attacks
Post # 2
Try doing a cleansing of your house. Cense it well with sage, and sprinkle salt water on every inch of your house. offer prayers and/ or offerings to what, if any protective entities your family believes in. Vizualize your house being cleansed with white light. Also visualize a sheild of white light around your house. Strongly demand all entities with malevelant purposes leave. I would suggest each member of your family take a cleansing showwer in which you would vizualize the water as white light pouring onto you and washing all the negativity away. Everyone in your family should wear a protective talisman as well. Only do this if you are absolutely sure that your family is being terrorized by malevelent entities.
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Re: demon/ ghost attacks
By: / Novice
Post # 3
freethinker7 makes a god point, cleanse and protect. first try speaking with the spirits/demons to see what they want. sometimes spirits/demons are there to help, but we get scared and misinterpret it. i suggest if you do decide on a cleansing, to state those who wish harm upon your family must leave, but those who are their to protect them may stay.

the cleansing will probably take all day, maybe all weekend, so set time aside, you need to focus and cleanse everything. [if you've got so many beings in your house, you should wash everything with a cleansing brew, and cleanse every inch of your house] everyone in your house should have a cleansing bath in sea salt. finally, since a cleansing just gets rid of things for a little while, a protection spell. one on the house, and one on each person in the house. finally, while meditating, you should shield daily to keep negative energy away.
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Re: demon/ ghost attacks
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Do you have a magical family (for lack of better words) or are they Christian? The reason I'm asking is, they have to also be willing to do this cleansing. If they are Christian they will defiantly buck against you doing this, and this will open a whole new can of worms.

Also, everyone in the house needs to be in agreement. When you cleans the house the entities has no choice but to leave. However, lets say you cleansed the house and yourself but your sister didn't. With her not doing it, it leaves a hole for the entities to return.

Love and Light,
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